What are the Latest Trends in the Domain of Technology?

This era is commonly known as the era of advancement and development in terms of engineering and technology. Therefore, a very advanced and improved form of technology can be seen in the form of android apps, cell phones, e readers and tablets as well. There is a greater need of understanding this aspect that all these products are contributing in different walks of life all around the globe in an effective manner.  For that reason, these products are described and their attributes are discussed as follows:

What are Android Applications?

These are the kinds of applications that have been designed in order to use them on devices which are powered by Google’s android platform. These apps are present in the Amazon app store and are also present at different Android app focused sites. These apps can be played on Android Smart Phones, Tablets, Google TV and other devices. These applications are also available on Google Play store previously known as Android Market. These applications have been made with Java programming language, along with the inclusion of Android Software Development Kit.

The role of Google App is quite crucial in this aspect as Google App inventor is a kind of visual setting which basically provides help and assistance which is often utilized by learners and trainee developers. As far as Android Apps are concerned, these apps can be obtained by end users in two ways. The one method is about attaining apps from Amazon App and Google App stores. The other method is downloading which can be done through third party website where the APK file of the app can be set up.

Android Apps Development Tools

These are the tools that are helpful in the process of android apps developments. These tools are mentioned below:

  • Android Software Programming or Development Kit (SDK)
  • Android Open Accessory Development Kit
  • Native Development Kit
  • Hyper Next Android Creator
  • App inventor for Android
  • The simple project
  • Simple Direct Media layer (SDL)
  • Basic 4 android

Cell Phones

The cell phones have taken certain changes that can be observed in the form of shape, size or in technology. On the basis of technology, these cell phones can be categorized as follows:

  • Wi-Fi Phones
  • Mobile Augmented Reality
  • Open Source Cell Phones
  • Mobile Payment
  • Tactile Feedback

Wi-Fi phones are those kinds of phones in which phone owners may have a carrier but at the same time phones can be connected to home and other office Wi-Fi networks. A Wi-Fi phone allows placing a VOIP call without the help of a computer.

Mobile Augmented Reality refers to the mechanism in which this technology is working along with internet, accelerometers and superimposes digital information in the real world. These technologies can be seen in different smart phones like I Phone.

Open source cell phones are the latest technologies which are providing different sorts of services at the fraction of cost in latest phones. Google and Yahoo are working to further enhance and improve the phone software functions and applications. This has provided enhanced features and it has also resulted in compatibility along with decreasing cost.

The mobile payment is widely acknowledged and used technology of mobile phones in recent times. This has resulted in providing great ease and effectiveness to individuals who want to transfer and pay money from any bank account. It is giving online payment options as well. With near field communications, people can pay by scanning their cell phone.

Tactile feedback is about touch screen phones in which physical buttons can be used by users to give better feedback along with the feel of more natural typing. New technology can deliver both worlds best by developing a touch screen which feels and react when typing is done.

E Readers

E readers are known as those devices in which users can read content like E-books, newspapers and other documents. An independent e reader consists of wireless connectivity which is used for downloading content and other tasks. There are some well known and admired e readers available, which are Amazon’s Kindle and Sony Reader.  The Sony reader was considered as one of the first e reader which had a feature of touch screen along with virtual keyboard for navigation and note taking. There is another aspect like an LED light built in for reading in low light situations.

The Amazon’s kindle has a small built in keyboard under the display as it supports limited text search. User accessible memory is 1.4 GB which is enough for 1500 books. The kindle DX has a 9.7 inch display. Plastic Logic’ e reader called Dossier in development can be used for business purpose. This E reader is helpful for using Microsoft office applications such as word and excel. The mobile devices that can be used in displaying text such as smart phones and PDAs can also work and perform as E readers.

It is expected that E-book readers will take over LMS for mobile in future. The reason is that students and teachers are going mobile and chances of reading e book applications will be improved as compared to the regular LMS applications. This is also expected that the content will become dynamic and vibrant.


Tablets are referred as that kind of computer device, which comprises all attributes and elements which are used in desktop computers. These are designed with a touch sensitive screen which acts like their main input device and which the panel computer is equipped to use and operate using.  Tablet computers use wireless adapters in order to connect to internet and tablets also use software applications in the form of web browsers, games and other applications. The tablets use virtual keyboard along with handwriting re cognizing software’s for text input through the tablets touch screens.

Final Thought

These technologies of modern era are participating in the development and growth of mankind. The technology is becoming more compact and the whole world is expected to get maximum benefits through the development of these advanced technologies in the future.

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