What Role Does CDN Play in Web Optimization Process?

Let us first try to understand what CDN stands for, and what it actually does. It stands for Content Delivery Network or sometimes it is also referred to as Content Distribution Network. It doesn’t actually differ a lot from our regular Internet network and is nothing but a wide range of different optimized systems for serving files. In simple words, CDN helps in loading the files on your website much faster. It requires placing the files around the world on various optimized servers that are part of optimized networks. This way the files get loaded in a much faster and cheaper way. Let us try to analyze how CDN can play a significant role in website optimization.

Load Time Optimization

If you are one of those who are interested in load time optimization of a website, we can safely assume that you already own one or more websites that are either hosted on a dedicated or a virtual server. More importantly you must have realized that your website takes a lot of time to open up and that is why you are looking at ways to optimize its load time. This is one of the classic cases when Magento web shop is used as it is known to be very resource intensive and the server load is the reason why the frontend of the website opens up slowly. That being said, similar issues also happen with Drupal or WordPress websites as you don’t always see them loading as quickly as you want them to.

Exercise Care While Deploying CDN

Deploying a CDN in such cases can go a long way in resolving or at least minimizing this issue. With CDN you separate site rendering tasks from the files serving tasks of the server where your website is hosted. This way you dramatically cut down the load on your server, which in turn, helps in rendering your website faster than before. Alternatively, you can also go for a downgrade and opt for a more affordable package.

Indirect Impact of Load Time on Revenues

Amazon has in fact come out with few numbers to support the fact that site load time is very significant to success of an online business. It says if you manage to improve the load time of your website by 100ms you can expect to see a revenue increment of around 1%.

Benefits of CDN

Usually the delay in time is caused due to waiting time that goes in the downloading of various files. If a CDN is integrated then you can expect these files to be located in servers that are closest to the visitors of your website. This result in lightening speed response and the users don’t have to go through any latency time between logging on to your website and actually seeing the link on their screen.

With reduction of load time of your website your visitors get an amazingly-fast experience that entices them enough to come back to your website over and again and probably also go for your products and services as they right away understand the quality at your end by seeing a fast-loading website that looks smashing too.

You could also look at optimizing your JavaScript and reducing DNS lookups for better load times.

Criss Derek is an online marketing expert with over ten years of industry experience. He often writes tutorials on website optimization and other aspects of web analytics.

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