Blogging is fun. Isn’t it? Honestly speaking, it is something which I enjoy the most. More so because I love to write. And when you have passion for anything as good as writing then it is just impossible to look back. I guess most of you agree to it. Fine, today in this post I will let you know about how to find topics for your blog. I mean how to decide what to write for your blog. As a blogger, it can be a real problem at times in deciding what to write on one’s blog. Even I’ve faced the same problem in the past. But as I said earlier that I had passion to write therefore I kept motivating myself to write on anything which interested me. Well, anything means sensible, at least :)

Choosing topics for your blog can be very tedious task. But definitely not impossible. Unlike those who have created a niche for their blog, it can be totally different case with the others. Just take a moment to visit this blogosphere, you will find ‘n’ number of blogs on various subjects. Blogs on SEO and Online Money Making seems to have flooded this blogosphere. Every second blog which I visit today is either based on SEO or online money making. I just wonder what is there so much to write on such topics. Anyways for those who are new to this blogging field, choosing topics to write for your blog is not an easy thing to do. Exceptions are still there. If you are planning to start a blog without targeting any particular subject or just say, you want to simply blog on anything then following tips may be helpful to you -

  • First of all, make sure that if you are ready blog on anything then you need to be determined on your decision. Blogging is a easy if you are determined for it and just impossible if you aren’t.
  • Take a moment to visit other blogs. You will learn a lot. You will come to know about what others are writing and this can give you an idea on choosing a good topic for your blog.
  • The best advice from my side – be realistic. Write on something which is a reality. For this, the best thing you could do is it to find stories from your life. Nothing to hide here, this is what I’ve been doing quite often on my blog. When you are able to find stories from your life then the next thing you should consider doing is to speak about it on your blogs. Of course, to say that people will like it or not would be too early. But nevertheless, you have found at least something to write on your blog. Then it all depends on how well you present it on your blog, how interesting can you make it for your readers, how engaging can it be for your readers.
  • At times, you may get interested in writing on much broader topics like SEO, Online Money Making, Internet Marketing, etc…There is absolutely no need to create thousands of blogs for each topic. You can simply create one blog and write on each and everything there itself. Be sure to create relevant tags and categories to separate each of your topics. When you put each and everything under one blog then blogging becomes much easier, in a way that you are able to generate more content on varied topics. It also allows in better blog management.
  • If you are lazy or simply don’t have enough time to write then you can do this – Put some videos or pics in your blog entries. As most of them do, you can also embed videos from youtube directly into your blog posts.
  • A lot of topic for your blog can be gathered from the Newspapers. If you read newspapers then its well and good. Newspapers can provide articles on current topics. You can make use of those articles to express your views on any interesting topic or issue you came across. This is likely to fetch a good number of readers for your blog and hence more traffic on your blog :)
  • Also, Television can provide you with some really good information to be posted on your blogs. Try it and see !
  • Yet another best source of information in my opinion are books. Books are treasure house of knowledge. One can find huge amount of information from it if used properly. Most of the information you see here on my blog has been greatly possible due to Books. I like reading books and I love to write. So, a thing like blogging becomes much easier for me.
  • Last but not the least, internet is the best medium to get what you have been looking for so long like anything. You can find lots of stuffs here. But make sure that you don’t violate copyright laws in the process of using content from other sites for your blogs.
Well, I believe that these are some of the best ways to get topics for your blog. In the end, it only matters how well can you put your thoughts in your writings. My suggestion – be simple and original. Write in a layman’s language which is easy to read and understand. Avoid technical jargons. I will be giving you much better tips for writing in my future posts. Till then, try to follow these tips seriously and make your blogging a pleasurable experience !