A question comes to my mind – can anything be as addictive as blogging? Well, I cannot think of anything else when it is quite rightly blogging itself. Having been to this field from long, I must say it all requires a start and of course, you need a start for each and everything you want to accomplish in your life. Isn’t it so ?

Blogging is simply addictive. Others may have varied opinion on the same but in the end…the truth is truth. As an avid writer myself, I cherish those moments of my life when I ventured into this medium of online communication. Better late than never. I was simply elated having known this form of communication. I guess every blogger has the same feeling :)

Anyways, as I told earlier…blogging is simply addictive. Have you ever thought – Why?? What could be the reasons for this addiction? What makes blogging so addictive? Why do you feel like blogging all the times, not sure about you but its the same with me ;) That does make me a blogging addict and I am quite happy to be the same. Doesn’t it look better than being – alcohol addict :D

Let us look at some of the points below to understand more about this addiction. I have tried researching on the same and thus could reach to some conclusions which I have listed below as a summary in support of the same :

  • Very first, I should say…You love to write and express yourself, your daily musings…or whatever it maybe. And you think why not start a blog and finally you do. And once you do the same, it is followed up with a desire to be known to the people, to be popular among masses, to have achieved something in your life…thus your mind is all concentrated on a specific goal which ultimately triggers or I should say…kicks off this addiction.
  • You are social. We all know, man is a social animal. And it is quite true. But the time has changed today. With growing technological development and amidst rapid globalization, more and more people are finding it better sitting at homes thus refraining physically but still keeping in touch with their friend, dear ones, loved ones or say anyone in this virtual world. And believe me, most of us are blogging for the same reason especially those into personal blogging. The thing to be noted here, when you are move from physical environment to online environment, you get addicted naturally as you don’t have to do any physical labor to meet in the person in general. Everything gets available at a click of a mouse. Isn’t it so ?
  • You need recognition. Everyone of us are talented but most of us have it somewhere hidden. Being a writer or a blogger too is a talent. Just see yourself if you fit here and if you do then why not make the most of it by being an avid blogger. You never know where you might reach one day…with blogging…sky can be the limit…surely! And this particular desire or thirst in the beginning leads to addiction, finally.
  • You appreciate comments. Same here. Everyone loves those comments. Truly a tonic to get you recharged and feel motivated in case you have lost desire to continue from where you left. Comments are very addictive especially if they are positive. Once you get them, you want them forever on your entries plus more and more with your blogging. Thus, comments automatically generate an addiction to blog often and more.
  • For all those niche bloggers or say, professional bloggers who have become blogging addict are seemed to be carried away by this fact if they continue to blog regularly or say, daily they will keep on making more and more money online which is what they desire for, in the end. Doesn’t matter if they get comments or not, only thing they want finally is Money. It should come anyways…by hook or crook :P

So, here we go again. These are some of my observations related to this fascination or say, addiction. I am just loving it but not to forget here, too much of addiction can result in severe consequences mostly in the form of physical disorders. Better to keep it limited as I have been doing it in recent times. No worries ;)

Now, what do you say? Are you also blogging addict? What makes you feel so? What do you think – Is it good or bad…please share your thoughts.