We have seen many movies, haven’t we. Most of the movies have predictable storyline. Main protagonist meets another protagonist, falls in love, break up or is separated by villain and is then reunited in the end.

Well that pretty much sums up the formula or template for 80% of the movies. If the story is known to us in advance and it predictable, why still we want to go and see the movies again and again. The reason lies in the fact that viewers long for connectivity. They to experience certain situations that are related to their own. They want to see the acting, theatrics, special effects etc. It really does not matter if the story line remains the same across thousands of movies. Writing a blog post is like making a movie. Most of the people feel that to be a blog writer is to have posts that are factually correct, very long and need great grammar. However the truth is far apart from it. A good post should be simple, should have correct grammar and should be readable.

A good post should have a title ( name of the movie) that attracts users to read the post entirely(or watch the movie from beginning to the end). Without a good title, probably you would not even notice the movie and it goes the same for the blog post. A good title should clearly communicate what users expect and what would they take back from the post. A good title may be like ‘How to get more customers in six easy steps’. It would attract more people than say ‘Six ways to get customers’. So get a great title.

Next, a good post like a good popular movie, should have a great opening sequence. Sure there are movies that do not rely on great opening sequences but we are not talking about them. Our aim should be to provide entertainment, generate excitement and not create a masterpiece. The opening paragraph in a blog should set the tone of the whole essay. It should clearly outline the premise and the conclusion. The premise can be like this ‘ Social media helps in marketing’ and the conclusion should be like ‘ I find that social media should be used to market your blog’. You may place your conclusion in the end too and take the reader to it by thoughtful reasoning. However please note that if you have a weak starting paragraph you have already lost your reader’s interest.

The middle paragraph should talk about the facts that you use to support your premise. It is like the middle of movie when the tension is building up and preparations are on for the climax. The middle part of your post should clearly outline reasons because of which you support your posts title. They should be supported by citations from authorities on the subject, research reports or your own research. Here is the time when you need to be most creative. In a movie, a boring middle section may cause some viewers to lose interest and walk out of the cinema halls. Same can happen to your blog, if you cannot keep the interests of users alive. Hence you need to be creative but keep in mind the interest level of the reader as well.Next part is just before climax when you prepare for the conclusion based on the facts you presented in the middle section. This is the most tense part of movie because what happens at this moment will keep the users hooked on to the seat till the end. This is the start of the climax of movie and conclusion of your blog post. You may summarize here all the reason that you have presented in the middle section of your post.

The last part should be a concluding part. Here in the movies, the villain is either captured or killed and protagonists are reunited. Till now the movie has successfully been able to capture the viewer’s attention. Now the movie sets the tone for final showdown. Similarly, you may conclude your post by providing a recommendation or conclusive summary. You may also provide links to topics that are similar to your current post. A good and concise conclusion will give a well meaning ending to your post just as it does to a movie.

Writing a post should not be a hard exercise. You need to infuse your individual thinking and experience into your posts just as every director of a new movie does. The template of writing and directing remain the same. However people come to watch the movie not for the template but how it is handled. A well structured post cannot only get you accolades but keep your visitors coming back for more and more.

I hope you liked the post.

Ashvini Kumar Saxena is  an entrepreneur and an avid blogger. His website http://aks-blog.com is a resource rich site for wanna be entrepreneurs.