Why Marketing On Twitter And Facebook Can Never Become Same?

There is not a shadow of a doubt that the social media marketing is the new method of marketing which is surpassing the traditional methods of marketing in all aspects. The social media marketers with the help of ever growing market in the social media platforms are using different campaigns and methods to market their products much better than the traditional marketing can ever do. Now only to market, the analytics of the social media marketing provides the most accurate data which is easy to study and helping the marketers to make plans on them. However, for the different social media mediums, the marketers have to plan differently for them.

The reason of this is also prominent enough to understand. Each social media websites provide different means and services to the user as well as the marketer. Each social media has his own conversion rate, and it also charges differently. Moreover, the market is also different and many other features which we are going to discuss briefly in the next lines by making the top two giants of social media marketing the Facebook and the Twitter as an example.

Following are some of the major differences between the Twitter and the Facebook that restrict the social marketers by making the same strategies or the campaign for both the social mediums.

The Users Of Both Mediums

The major difference which even a common man also knows between the Facebook and the Twitter is the users of both the mediums. There is a contrast in the users of both mediums. Discussing the Facebook first, the user of the Facebook is not enough literate. Moreover, the diversity of the Facebook users is immense that you have to build a long and detailed audience for it. Another issue that the marketers face in the Facebook is the quantity of the inactive users. The Facebook may be the largest and the biggest social media platform especially regarding the users, but it also has the biggest number of inactive users which visit the Facebook once in a while. The worst part is, the Facebook also shows your ads to these users who go useless.

Now talking about the Twitter. The users of the Twitter are much more literate than the Facebook. Moreover, the major users of the Twitter belong to the higher market sector than the Facebook which makes them a better medium to sell the expensive products. Another fact that change the Twitter from the Facebook is the demography of its users. The users of the Twitter is much purchase decision makers than the Facebook. The user of the Twitter has more buying power. However, there are some of the factors which still make the Twitter second preferred platform of the majority of social media marketer.


Outreach is one of the other reasons that make the Facebook more favorite than the Twitter for the social media marketer. According to the expert social media marketers of Ingic UK, there is no competition of Facebook when it comes to the outreach. With over one billion users across the globe, the Facebook is leading the long way regarding outreach. This means that out of every other marketing methods including the traditional marketing, you will find most numbers of people related to your target market on the Facebook than anywhere else. Whereas the numbers of the Twitter is way less than Facebook. Despite having 500 million users, the Twitter still cannot compete with the Facebook in the outreaching of the brand.

Story Telling VS. Short Busts

This is something that annoys most of the social media marketers. The Facebook is an open ground for the marketers where they can use as much text as they want and as many pictures as they want in the form of the carousel which is an ad form on the Facebook. This liberty from the Facebook allows you to provide a detail information or to write as long promotional content as you want on the single post. However, there is only one thing on which the Facebook restrict the marketer. On the ad image, you can only use 20% of the area of an image for text or else Facebook will not show your ad as many people as it can be shown by using less or equal to 20% area of an image for the text.

Conversely, the situation in the Twitter is on the contrast. We all know that the Twitter only allows 140 characters for any tweet. Whether it is an ad content or the regular tweet, you cannot use more than 140 characters on the tweet. This is something which restricts the marketers and the writers especially for exercising their entire creativity due to very small amount of words.

One Account One Business Policy

The policies and the regulations of the Facebook are much strict than the Twitter. The Facebook is very strict on copyright violations which limit the marketers even to run the legitimate marketing activities which require getting multiple accounts on one business. Moreover, the Facebook does not even give you any sort of warning before deleting your account. The Facebook also not bounded to provide any reason for suspending your payment card or penalizing your business page by hiding it from the fans and followers.

On the other side, the Twitter is a lot lenient on its policies and regulations. Even there are not many regulations that even get the attention of any marketer. The 140 character limit is enough for the headache of the marketer that he or she won’t even consider anything else.

Response Time

If you ask any marketer to tell you one major benefit of the social media marketing, his answer would be the time of reply. You cannot get the response time of minutes or even the hours in any method of traditional method. But on the social media, you get the response of your customers in the seconds. With the social media marketing, you get the chance of engaging the customers directly with your brand that is why you get the immediate response on it. However, the response time also varies from websites to websites. If we differentiate the Twitter and Facebook in term of response time, it depends on the overall time of the ad. In the Twitter, you get a response at a faster rate than the Facebook because of less audience. It gives you the reaction of the people in minutes so you can tweak your ad according to it. However, in the Facebook, the response comes late, but after waiting for a day or two, you get the response in the bulk which gives you a better idea about your ad content.

Evergreen VS. Real-Time Content

Even the Twitter manages to get more users than the Facebook; it will still not increase the outreach of your ad. The reason is that the timeline or newsfeed of the Twitter updates much faster than the Facebook newsfeed. That is why it makes the live time of your ad much less than the Facebook. Conversely, the Facebook newsfeed has enough time of breathing that majority of your targeted audience can see your ad and even can give a response on it. Secondary, even if the friend of the user also do any engagement on your ad, the user will again see your ad, and this time it will not charge you also and will only get count in the organic reach of your ad.

Final Words

These are some of the reasons why the marketing can never be same on both the platforms. However, both the platforms are updating itself which keep a little light of hope still open for the monotonous in the marketing.

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