Will Apps like Vobi Make Enterprise Social a Reality?

Enterprise social has turned out to be a huge disappointment for those who had banked upon this initiative. Is Vobi is here to change the despair into hope as it makes steady inroads into the social sphere and resurrecting a space that was taken for dead?

Vobi promises to change the enterprise or collaboration social market with its unique blend of email and social presentations. Vobi is aware of the past failures but at the same time believes that the emergence of BYOD and powerful devices has opened up the space for it to enter as the default enterprise collaboration entity.

vobi app

There are businesses who are putting to use a variety of platforms like WebSphere, WebEx, LinkedIn, iMessage, Skype etc. So many options have created a little mess. For instance, if you are trying to find out about a particular message that you sent to your colleagues even six months back, confusion is bound to ensue. This is where Vobi will come into play as it is the perfect platform for chat, multiparty video and using mobile apps. Vobi serves all those people who want to go through the presentations that they have downloaded.

Vobi, As Is

In its present form, Vobi is available as a web browser plug-in, but it is expected to use WebRTC and get little more efficient. This is a good move by the company as there are many antivirus that are trying to stop web downloads. I am personally a huge fan of Vobi because it not only has a sleek interface, it is also easy to download and use. Users are going to receive alerts every time they receive a message, which is quite similar to the other services. Vobi has maintained all the minimal features of other social networking platforms that are popular in the market.

Conversation Trigger

In Vobi, a conversation is triggered for communication and it is not the platform itself. There is a feature to archive all the messages and shared files, so you are not going to lose out on any of the data. You will be able to retrieve all messages and files even after a long time. Web presentations are often forgotten but when you have something like Vobi, you will be able to retrieve your presentations along with any other conversations or notes.

Knowledge Preservation

Knowledge preservation has been given due importance and all the data pertaining to any presentation or conversation can be stored by Vobi. In fact, quite like Quad, Vobi too is in the forefront when it comes to preservation of corporate knowledge. The CEO of Vobi thinks that there are opportunities galore for both Vobi as a company and the users of the application. He emphasizes on some of the features that he considers to make his company stand out in the crowd. The local rendering for all the vector graphics gives lot more clarity to the images for different devices and there is also the feature of application or screen sharing that makes collaboration really easy.

Integration With Other Socials

In the near future Vobi is expected to work seamlessly with phones and make calls interesting. So in future when you receive calls from other Vobi users, you will be able to add screen and video sharing to those calls. The company also is in talks with cloud computing and storage companies, so sharing is going to be more fun in the coming days. Integration with other social networks is also on the cards to add the missing zing into one of the most amazing tools that is being entered in the form of enterprise social.

Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people. Here she has covered the application Vobi and the importance of BYOD.

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