Wired Vs Wireless Communications

This post a comparative analysis of wired vs. wireless communications, and lists out advantages as well as disadvantages of both forms of communications. The world of internet has been changing since past few years. Many Technological changes are going as you can see Limewire, Torrents and many other things are facing serious issues. If you are searching for Limewire Alternative Softwares, it isn’t easy to find them out these days as many laws are passed-out in order to kill these kinds of services or websites that promote piracy.


With the wireless network, you can operate microwaves/radio waves to sustain the interaction channels that link computers. Wireless networking can be called as a substitute for wired networking that depends on the fiber optic and copper cabling.

Wireless networking is getting more popular with respect to home networking. The wireless technology is more appealing and the price of commodities related to wireless is decreasing day by day.

There is equal number of advantages as well as disadvantages when compared to wired network. If you are looking for some of the best Wireless broadband connections, the Virgin is one of the best choices for the users in UK.


Surroundings will be clean with no untidy cables. You will be having the flexibility of moving around your home and can connect to network in your house that can be accessed with in a range. Setting up a wireless network is not a big deal and with little networking knowledge, you can handle the set up.


There will be interference due to weather issues, and other wireless obstructions such as walls. Cost is the biggest disadvantage in setting wireless home network. Wireless network is more expensive and not stable. Costs will get low as soon as you see technologies rising.

wired and wireless communication


Wired LANs work with the help of network adapters and Ethernet cables. Different computers can be wired with the help of Ethernet crossover cable. Wired LANs require imperative devices such as switches, hubs, and routers to aid additional computers.

Ethernet cables are connected to one another with the help of a central device. Accurate cabling configuration with respect to wired LAN depends on device merging in internet connection form.

Hardware installation will be a time consuming procedure when it comes to wired communication. In the context of internet, wired as well as wireless rely on the network OS configuration options and standard Internet Protocol.


The wired equipments are reasonably priced. Most of the computers come with wired network adapter. It also transforms information swiftly. Wired networks are more secure when compared to wireless networks.


Running wires from one to another room is a tricky task and these cable look disorganized. Network cables can be disconnected at times without our knowledge and also become faulty causing the internet connection to fail. Adding more number of computers to a wired network may cost you more. All the wired networks are different from each other. The most common wired network type is the Ethernet, and we see the Ethernet ports in all the computers, laptops, netbooks, and even the modern LED/LCD televisions, as well as gaming consoles like the Sony Playstation 3.

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to deal with messy wires, wireless communication is the need of the hour, but you’ll have to deal with connectivity issues, lower speed, and a whole lot of other things at the same time!

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