The certificate holders, in general, expect that they should be having an acknowledged certificate which has worth and value. This provides a certificate holder strength and confidence to apply for the job requiring technology in question.

Advantages to the PHP developer

As a PHP developer, the name that appears to be considerable and recommendable for certification is Zend PHP certification. It is important and reliable step for PHP related employees. As the Zend certification provides an opportunity for the PHP developer to analyze and evaluate his skills and abilities. This also allows the PHP developer to share and mention the experience to the colleagues, co workers and employers. Such a certification also leads to the contentment of the customers and increases their dependence on the PHP developer.
The Zend certification was launched by Zend. Its PHP certification aims at certifying those individuals related to PHP community who have extended, modern and advanced information, knowledge and skills associated to PHP so that they can be exposed to the technological marketplace.

Development of Zend Certification

The PHP Education Advisory Board has conceptualized, formulized and developed the overall curriculum of Zend certification exam. This advisory board has been formed by Zend in order to administer and supervise the PHP certification program in particular. As the exam curriculum must be managed by the talented and skillful people. Zend has fulfilled this valuable requirement for an exam course and coverage. There is an inspiring team of PHP community including the PHP contributors, PHP developers, PHP authors and PHP trainers in the Advisory Board. All have made impressive involvement in the PHP community and determining the Zend certification exam curriculum. The Zend Study Guide of PHP Certification has also been conceptualized and reviewed by some members of this team. This study guide has covered all the essential features and objectives of the examination.

The eligibility for taking the Zend exam

For appearing in the exam, there are many things that can help and gain the individual’s confidence about his success in the Zend Certification exam. Anyone who has experience in the web development can accomplish the exam and get Zend Framework certification. The PHP trained person, therefore, can get enough confidence to get entry in the exam and the experience of years can further give encouragement and determination. Through the Zend Framework investigations and getting experience in developing frameworks, the PHP developer can get hold on the tinny and little things related to PHP.

Guidelines for Zend exam

The PHP manual, blogs, search engines and forums can be a good source of gathering PHP information about the programming languages and advancement in application.
There are some books that are recommended by Zend. The Zend PHP 5 Certification Study guide and The Zend PHP Certification Practice Test Book can be viewed while preparing. Moreover, now these also includes the PHP 5 Power Programming , PHP and MySQL Web Development and Advanced PHP Programming for guidance.
Thus reviewing study guides, testing you with the practice books can be of great help to clear the exam and get Zend Certification.