Sunday, 9 August 2020

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Popular Wordpress Theme Astra Suspended For 5 Weeks

Well, this came as a big shocker to me.

Popular WordPress Theme "ASTRA" has been suspended for 5 weeks.

The theme has been suspended on an account of violating WordPress affiliate links policy.

The suspension is in effect from Aug7th 2020.

Astra Wordpress Theme

What is the WordPress Affiliate Links Policy?

As per WordPress, themes submitted in the WordPress repository should not have any affiliate URLs or Links in them. Adding affiliate links or URLs s strictly prohibited. 

WordPress has made it pretty clear on their official slack channel as well as on their official blog. In fact, affiliate links in WordPress themes were disallowed a year and a half ago.

Brainstorm Force the publishers of Astra theme had a prior warning from WordPress before being penalized for the affiliate links violation.

Brainstorm has clarified that they haven't violated any affiliate links policy. They themselves didn't add affiliate links in the theme. But yes they have accepted that the Astra theme had used third-party plugins to pass a referral code.

Well, that could be the main reason for suspension!!

Why Astra Theme Suspension is bad news?

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the internet. In fact, it is one of the most downloaded WordPress themes on the internet. The best thing about the theme is that it is available for free and is feature sufficient for any basic WordPress user. 

I have personally used Astra theme for my WordPress blog in the past and I have no hesitation in admitting that it is ideally one of the best themes for any user who wants to runs a WordPress blog or a full-fledged website. The features offered are more than sufficient.

Astra also has a premium version which is a paid version of the theme. Like several other premium themes, Astra paid version offers additional functionalities for professional blogging as opposed to casual blogging.

With Astra theme now being suspended for 5 weeks, millions of Astra users will be devoid of any automatic update in the theme directly from the Wordpress dashboard but yes, the update can be downloaded directly from Astra or from their Github directory.

Astra has also announced an update which removes the affiliate links from its theme to comply with Wordpress rules.

But it doesn't look as if Wordpress is going to lift the suspension before the due date.

Let us wait and watch!

For more detailed info regarding the Astra theme suspension, please visit -


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