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Thursday, 6 May 2021

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New Corrupt PDF Recovery Tool Repairs PDFs by Data Restructuring

A new freeware tool that repairs corrupt PDF files by restructuring the damaged PDF data.

Today PDFFixer.com released their new freeware tool PDF Fixer, which repairs corrupt and unreadable PDF documents by restructuring the damaged PDF data, rebuilding XREF tables and then recovers those PDF documents back.

PDF is a very common document format on the web of people's daily work. It is a binary coded format generated by virtual printing of various files. Since most of PDF data is compressed, editing PDF files with a text editor will cause data error, or lose part of the data due to network instability during network transfer, which will cause PDF files to be damaged and corrupt. PDF readers and viewers cannot open or repair those corrupt PDF files and would prompt a few error alerts.

corrupt pdf fix recovery tool

PDF Fixer is a free PDF repair utility which repairs the XREF table by reconstructing the damaged PDF data, and then restore these damaged PDF documents into readable PDF files.

Some open source command-line tools such as PDFTK and Ghostscript both have PDF repair functions, but PDFTK can only repair PDF information problems, while Ghostscript can only regenerate XREF tables. Once users need to repair a really damaged PDF file, they will find that neither PDFTK nor Ghostscript can recover the file data, and they will keep prompting reading errors. Unlike these two tools, PDF Fixer analyzes the data that still exists in the entire damaged PDF file, then assembles all the object data and repairs it. PDF Fixer can repair many PDF files that cannot be repaired by PDFTK and Ghostscript.

Features of PDF Fixer

  • Fix unreadable and corrupt PDFs
  • Fix PDF XREF tables
  • Export recovered data to PDF files
  • Auto preview the fixed PDF content
  • Automatically detecting bad PDF documents
  • Batch repair multiple damaged PDF files at once
  • No required Adobe Acrobat installed
  • Portable version available


Homepage: https://pdffixer.com

File Size: 16 MB

Portable ZIP Version: 19 MB

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (32/64 bit) and Servers

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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

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What Are The Benefits of VoIP Phones

In every business, you must have strong communication lines to help you speak with your co-workers and your customers. When you're able to hear things clearly, it makes it much easier to get your daily tasks completed. 

Here are some benefits of VoIP phones.

voip phone benefits


One of the first attractive features of a VoIP telephone is that you'll save money. Instead of hiring a tech team and getting multiple lines, you can integrate everything into one convenient system. Here are some of the benefits:

Cheaper to make and receive calls with the number of employees you have in your business

Bundles up both data and voice communication in a more cost-effective manner

Features a board that can work both in and out of the office

If you're a small business making a transition into a more modern platform, this is one of the things you should do first. Being cost-effective gives you the freedom to help move things along in other aspects of your brand. Take this phone option to help you get ahead in your overall business strategy.

Multi-Functional System

When you get a VoIP telephone, you need the right functionality to help make your daily activities a lot easier to complete. From taking phone calls, faxes, emails, and web conferences, you'll have all the things you need under one device. Also, you'll have a plug-and-play system that allows you to do it by yourself.

You won't need a separate team to get things started or go through someone that may overcharge you. In case you have a colleague who's out of the office, you can record a voicemail and send it to their mobile device or fax machine. It's a more efficient way of keeping in contact with your most trusted staff members.

More Versatile

Using a VoIP device over one network helps you scale things better with more options to help you cater to your clients. Not to mention, this type of service has a more secure network with sound encryption protocols in place to help you protect sensitive messages from getting corrupted. In case you're handling a call, you can get a virtual assistant to put a prerecorded message or music on while a customer waits to speak with a representative.

By having various features to help you and your clients better communicate, a VoIP phone is useful to keep your business afloat longer.

Service Mobility

If your business is on-the-go, VoIP services can be a tremendous benefit to you because they will follow you wherever you go.

On a traditional phone system, a line that runs to a home or business is assigned its own phone number. Any movement that takes place then becomes a trial of remembering the right codes or keys to dial on your phone. A lot of time can then be wasted by contacting phone companies to transfer services and phone numbers to new locations.

With a VoIP phone system, all of this is eliminated. There are no physical limitations. You have the freedom to move as your business demands without any added stress.

Simple Conference Calls

The features just mentioned are not all that’s made easy by VoIP. Since all calls use a converged data network instead of dedicated phone lines, creating and participating in conference calls are made much easier.

It’s possible to take part in conference calls if your business uses a traditional phone system, but what you will find is that you will have to pay for an additional service to host multiple callers for a conference. These services are native to many VoIP phone systems. Instead of paying for something extra, you can take advantage of the ability to make conference calls as an added benefit to the service you already pay for.

Not only that, but VoIP services make video conferences much easier as well. Of course, these sorts of conferences are usually special cases, but face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients, while business personnel are out of the office, is much more manageable with VoIP phone systems.
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Monday, 3 May 2021

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Benefits Of Online SEO Classes

If you are struggling with getting your website ranked in organic search pages, then you need to hear this...Taking a seo class could be the escape route you need to get your website sitting comfortably on the first page of the search result. Taking a training course might just be the right decision, especially when you have a website that would not budge from a particular position.

There is a lot of competition between websites trying to get on the first page of the search engines. They try to outsmart one another in getting their page ranked higher than the next. However, when ranking a website on search engines, and when the search term is a bit competitive, you should not expect success straight away. In other words, there are factors you need to consider and the strategies you need to follow to achieve your higher SERP position.

Search engine optimization is a special method of getting more visitors to your site. However, if you are new to this type of online promotional rivalry, you probably do not know what is meant to optimize your website effectively. This is why It is good to have many options available.

You can research various seo tips and techniques online. However, many of what you find on these platforms may be outdated. And If try to learn seo by yourself, you can waste time and effort, as it is a somewhat complex topic to pursue on oneself. This is because you need to know the basics and complex seo strategies and other technical concepts that make search engines what it is today—one reason why it is very difficult to learn everything by yourself.

Here are some reasons why you need to take a seo class to grow your business

Attending these classes is very useful for someone new to the game and even for those who already have some little seo experience. These days as more and more people understand why they need to hang on to the top spots on search engines, the competition to the top gets tougher, which is why taking a seo class might be the right move... In this case.

benefits seo online classes

Benefits of Taking an Online SEO Class

100% of the latest seo information and techniques

If you studied seo a year ago, what you learned may no longer apply to the reality of what’s on the ground today. In other words, the ongoing technicalities and algorithms involve in page positioning on the search engines is always an ever-evolving process.

Every year, you come across a list of the latest strategies, techniques, and tips that have changed from the previous. So when you take a seo class, you only get the latest and trending seo tips and information.

Quick and easy learning

An seo class will make your learning process quick and easy. You do not have to spend a lot of time guessing on the different strategies and tips to employ, as these will be given to you during your training.

Profitable Learning

Some website owners hire a seo professional to help them understand what seo is. However, this option can be very expensive, so choosing an online seo class is a good option as this is cheaper and more interactive.

Find A SEO Class To Join

Millions upon millions of people depend on the internet for various purposes. Whatever your needs, there are websites on the internet that can meet these needs. If you have a website, your page should appear at the top of the search engine. To make this possible, you need to join a seo class right away so as to know how to plot your strategies to ranking higher on the search engine pages. You can search for various training classes online with just a click of the mouse.
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How To Do Twitter Marketing in 2021

Over time twitter marketing is becoming competitive and complicated for even good social media marketers. It's a huge base to grow your brand as it is having around 400 million active users monthly in 2021. As every marketing needs strategy twitter is not different to stand out of the crowd and keep consistent engagement.

Let's get into some proven ways to get the most of twitter marketing in the year 2021:

twitter marketing 2021

Audit your twitter profile

Start by auditing your twitter account if you have one already else start by creating an account and audit it. Then try some things and check twitter analytics so that you get to know which things work best for you. This will help you to know about hashtags performance, individual tweet performance, and your twitter audience.

Set Targets/Define Aims

Victory on any social media platform begins with having clear, assessable goals. There's no way to know if your approach is having an authentic impact on your business unless you understand what you're trying to accomplish.

You want to create strong goals: Special, Moderate, Reachable, Allied, and Time-bound. These goals should align with your high-level business objectives, and be broken down into weighable indicators of accomplishment.

Know about the competition

We should try to know the competition created by our frontiers. If we have knowledge about the market then we will be able to stand ahead.

So don't forget to examine the Twitter accounts for your industry opponents. Examining their social media can help you cultivate your own, by exposing deficiencies or clefts in their strategy, and ways that you can distinguish yourself.

Specify Roles

You require to secure your accounts are monitored and effective, and that someone is replying to direct messages and mentions. Twitter discussions move fast, so it's remarkable to your followers if you're not checking in regularly, and a failure to be responsive and timely will degrade your brand.

Create Guidelines

You require a social media style model to keep your presentations clear and compatible. Guidelines also help you onboard new team members and prevent misfortunes and wrongdoings on social media. Your guidelines should be shared with everyone on your social media team and may include elements of your overall brand style guide, like your tone.

It should be specified how to use tweeter account like;

Branded Hashtags and how and where to use them.
Where and how to use emojis.
How to format links.

Make a calendar for contents

A calendar for social media content is useful for adjusting the content you're posting on all your channels, and spotting possible gaps and disputes that you can address.

When creating your calendar Mention it that;

The best time to post
Who should allow/approve the posts
How often you want to post

Measure your impression

Once when your marketing approach is initiated, you need to be regularly judging your efforts and checking your progress against those Bright goals you set for your brand in 2021.

A Twitter Bio is capped at 160 characters, so keep it active. Always use a tagline, or get creative to show off your brand personality.
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Sunday, 2 May 2021

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What Is The Difference Between Peering & IP Transit?

Peering & IP Transit Differences


Peering, better stated as IP peering is the agreed-upon exchange of data between two ISPs and the amount of data exchanged is generally very close to equal. IP transit is when one entity pays another for the right to transit its upstream network. This removes the need for either party to pay a third party.

In most cases, the relevant ISPs do not charge for this agreement because both parties will share the benefit of the arrangement so this procedure is termed “Settlement Free.” It is a basic agreement by both parties to establish a no-charge exchange.

IP Transit

In the activity of IP Transit, a designated service ISP enables traffic to move through their network to its final destination. No matter how your business connects to the Internet, you will need to use IP transit to some degree. IP Transit is a service where an Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows traffic to travel through their network to its final destination.

IP transit is when one entity pays another for the right to transit its upstream network. In this arrangement, one entity is higher than the other in the hierarchy so there is no longer a peering relationship from an internet standpoint because both parties do not benefit equally from the exchange. When enterprises connect to an ISP for the purpose of reaching the entire internet, it is known as IP transit. This should not be confused with connecting to an ISP over border gateway protocol (BGP) peering for internet connectivity. BGP peering is a network definition, not an ISP definition. Additionally, peering is only for a participant’s prefixes and their directly connected peer.

Breaking it down

In terms of a peering life-cycle, a helpful point of view is from a routing standpoint.

In specific terms, the routing network exchange between routing peers. Moving through the life-cycle. the received routes become more concise as the destinations become more concise.

You must be very careful to maintain routing equipoise because of the potential for several types of peering based on data flows to discrete destinations. Entities must remember that peering is a mutual agreement so collocation and IX providers are in place to allow for a connection. That said, organizations should keep in mind that these connections must be of mutual agreement so a fair amount of research into each entity is recommended.

For IP transit, you should look for a collocation provider with a rich ecosystem of providers to provide IP transit as the lowest-cost way to reach all internet destinations on a cost per megabits per second (Mbps) basis.


The Internet is made up of over 25,000 independent systems that autonomously route the movement of traffic. Peering is often utilized as a conduit for the interaction and synergy of traffic to move over the Internet from one end-user to another end user.

When enterprises are connected, peering is essential for all Internet Service Providers, Content Delivery Networks, and backbone service providers.

Peering agreements remove third party agreements as follows:

✔ Much lower transit costs

✔ Greater control of routing networks

✔ Superior network performance

✔ Increasing redundancy by using multiple stations

✔ Increase bandwidth capacity

✔ Utilizing peering partners to enhance support systems

Key Takeaways

  • Both public and private peering open vital avenues for two networks to connect at a collocation and exchange traffic directly without having to pay a third party to carry traffic across the Internet.

  • To enter into a peering agreement with most Internet service providers, you must have at least a publicly routed ASN, one block of public IP addresses, and a network edge router capable of running Border Gateway Protocol.
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Actionable Tips on Reliable Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are catching on fast. Employees report excellent satisfaction while operating out of coworking spaces and these spaces can also make sense financially. However, it is important to find a coworking space that is reliable and conducive to productivity.

Finding and utilizing reliable drop in coworking spaces can involve a little effort at the outset. The rewards, however, can be significant. Here are some actionable tips you can use.

coworking spaces tips

Focus on the Environment

The work environment is the single most important thing to look for when checking out coworking spaces. The space should inspire confidence and creativity and be perfect for productive work. Excellent networking opportunities are an added bonus.

To get down into the real nitty-gritty of the environment, you should also look at parameters like temperature, humidity, and lighting. These are crucial elements that need to be just right to keep people comfortable and productive.

The Importance of Flexibility

A change in setting or time can do wonders for productivity. This helps prevent monotony and keeps people refreshed. A flexible coworking space should have multiple areas where people can work, each with its own flavor.

You can look at coworking spaces that have a network of different themed locations if you really want to take this to the next level.

Privacy, Features, and Amenities

While coworking spaces can be great for networking, you also need proper privacy for work. A lot of coworking spaces deal with this by employing creative means like movable walls and noise-canceling headphones.

Check out a list of features and amenities before zeroing in on a specific coworking space. The right amenities can make life easier and more comfortable during a regular workday. Look for amenities like whiteboards, phone chargers, private kitchens, and other features that provide tangible and intangible benefits and comforts during a workday.

Accessibility and Refreshments

The one thing that every work environment needs in this day and age is reliable, fast internet. Make sure the space you choose has high-speed internet with little or no downtime to ensure that you always remain connected.

Refreshments are key to remaining recharged and motivated during work. Quality coffee and good food can make a large difference to productivity and help keep up a good mood. Access to refreshments can be a priority when looking for an ideal coworking space.

Here are 10 of our best tips for getting the design of your shared workspace right.

1. Offer wifi and wired connections

Some people need a hardwired connection. Others, especially in open coworking areas, are fine with wifi. Offer both options to appeal to a broad range of professionals. (Remember, you can charge more for your spaces with hard-wired connections.)

2. Plan for storage in the design of your space

Some of your members will need locking storage. Others will have their whole world on their laptop or tablet. Offer locking storage options for those who want to store items at the space.

3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

As a workspace operator, you’re renting space from a landlord, making that commitment for a large space over a long period of time, and chopping it up into smaller bits on very short-term commitments.

In order for that to work financially, it’s very important that no one entity/member is responsible for too big a portion of your income. That way, if you lose one person or company, it’s not that big of an impact on your business. You stabilize your income by not relying too heavily on one or two entities.

4. Create a courtyard feel

One of the important design elements of a coworking space is a courtyard feel, with the open coworking area as your central hub. This creates a vibrancy in the space and prevents your private office members from being isolated. People are in a coworking center because they want vibrancy and connection, so avoid designing a space with long, dark hallways.

What to Look For

When looking for a drop in coworking space, keeping these criteria in mind can help you find a reliable, comfortable space that scores high on performance and productivity.
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