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Sunday, 27 December 2020

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Amazon Echo - Something Beyond a Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo is Amazon’s very own smart speaker. While you might think of it as a music system, it is much more than that. Amazon Echo is hands-free speakers that come in different models and have different features. It is a device that works on speech recognition and can be used for various purposes. Amazon has made this new age music device which you can personalise according to your needs. You can listen to world news, music, sports scores and much more with simple voice commands. You can connect Amazon echo with other Amazon devices like echo show and echo spot to make your home a smart home. When it comes to listening to music, Amazon echo supports Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many other apps. 

When you use Amazon Echo, you can listen to whatever song you want and experience a dynamic sound quality. So now you can use a smart device to listen to audiobooks, music or even a weather report. The best part about these speakers is that you get to use the Amazon assistant Alexa whenever you want. 

Alexa can be your go-to assistant when you want to make a google search, play music, or even swift off your room’s lights. Be it amazon echo, echo plus, echo dot or any other echo model, you will find Alexa peeping from these devices at you. Believe me when I say that echo is not a mere speaker because I am not lying. Here are a few features of the Echo that you can access with the help of Alexa.

Alexa can call your friend or send them messages Now you can stay in touch with your loved ones with the help of your echo device. If you have a friend, family member or a loved one who also has an Echo device then you can contact them or send them messages with the help of Alexa. Anyone in your phone’s contact list who is also an echo user and has enabled their calling feature Will automatically shows up in your contact list you can contact them anytime and even send messages. 

You can also use the dropping feature which allows you to send in a message, send a voice clip to your loved one and keep a check on them without them having to respond.

Want to order something from Amazon Prime? Alexa will do it for you. You can also use Alexa if you want to order something online from Amazon Prime. Just give the desired commands in your favour. Do not forget to use Amazon coupon code from Couponscurry.com to get a discount on your desired item.

You can use it as an intercom between places

You have more than one device in your home you can use Alexa to intercom between two rooms. This is one of the coolest features that Amazon echo gives you. So if you don't feel like going to the other room and talking to your mum then worry not as now you can communicate with her without even using your phone. just tell Alexa that you want to intercom between your echo and the one of your mom's and that's how you go.

Solve math problems and carry out quick conversions

Alexa is quicker at conversions than your brother who knows Abacus. So if you have a mathematical problem that is bothering you or a conversion that you want to quickly know about, then Alexa is the way to go. Command your Google echo to convert Dollars to Rupees or kgs to grams and you will get the answer within seconds. It is quicker and easier than you can think.

Add a skill

One of the fascinating features that Amazon echo gives you used to add skill and personalize your Amazon echo. Slikk is like an app that has audio to it you can access these skills on Amazon echo and proceed with a lot of your tasks without any problem. You can ask Alexa to wake you up, learn new things and even play games by just telling her to add a skill to your Echo device.

Amazon Echo comes in several models. You can get your Amazon Echo, Echo Plus or echo dot from the official Amazon website and even from Tatacliq.com. Tatacliq is an Indian online platform where you can shop for electronics and get the original product for a very low cost. To make your purchase cost-effective make sure that you apply coupon code from couponscurry.com. This is a go-to platform for all sorts of discount coupons in deals that you can get when you shop online from Amazon or any other online platform. 
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Sunday, 20 December 2020

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Top 5 Business Friendly Spots in Dubai [Infographic]

UAE is a perfect place to start a business, compared to North Africa, the Middle East, and other countries in the world. Many free zones offer an excellent opportunity to start a business in Dubai. Besides this, more viable business activities due to its strategic location, low import duties, no taxes, and excellent infrastructure. It takes nearly eight days and several procedures to establish a company in Dubai, UAE. In this article, we have shown in detail the business environment of Dubai and why Dubai is the best place for business startups.

UAE has a significant reform, commercial disputes, and contract enforcement. But there may be some types of obstacles, but they can efficiently resolve issues with some effort and management strategies. UAE is the growing economy in the world. It is a fertile and promising ground for tremendous growth and quickly from startup businesses. Many investors consider the UAE a top place for business setup, and there are many reasons for this consideration.

There are 5 important and friendly Dubai spots for doing business-

1. Al Garhoud

Al Garhoud is a convenient location. It is a big draw for those looking for company formation in UAE.

2. Burj Khalifa

is part of the Dubai city centre, which is a significant tourist spot. The site has several luxury hotels, corporate offices, and upscale place to stay.

3. Oud AI Muteena

Oud Al Muteena is outside the residential neighbourhood of Dubai, located close to the airport. New businesses in the area grew by 6.5% in 2020. This place is close to Dubai and Sharjah, making it ideal for tourists and business owners.

4. Trade Center

This place offers an excellent business location with a cost-effective business set.

5. Qud Metha

This family-friendly area saw an increase of 4.5% in new entrepreneurs—Metha Qud, known for commercial and entertainment complexes. There is plenty to do in the room with several restaurants, shops, and hotels around.

Together, five districts contributed 43.7 per cent from 16,826 new business licenses issued in the first six months of 2020, according to Dubai's economy statement on Saturday.

It does not provide a year-of-year comparison for the number of licenses issued for these fields.

Al Garhoud attracted the top new business during the first six months of this year, contributing 15 per cent of the total number of new permits released in the Emirate.

About 2,535 new businesses are opened at Al Garhoud, with 'Professional' services counting for the most significant part. New licenses, 97 per cent were issued for entrepreneurs, with only 2.2 per cent allocated for women entrepreneurs and 0.8 per cent to the company.

"The popularity of 'Al Garhoud' is led by the number of commercial and housing complexes in the area and its proximity to Dubai International Airport, downtown Deira and Dubai City Mall Festival," Dubai Economic, " which issued a business permit outside the zone in the Emirate, said.

The location is significant for the growth and development of the business. UAE offers an excellent combination of logistics facilities, residential areas, essential services, and transportation networks. Dubai is easy to access by the majority of the economy. There is excellent transportation of various goods between different areas and particularly in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

UAE enjoys a strategic location was excellent between Africa, Europe, and Asia. And much Chinese business authority to use the UAE as a trading centre in Africa. Indian merchants also access the Emirates to trade with the world as well. Latin Americans see the UAE as a launch platform for South Asian countries. Again, western countries are using the UAE as an excellent trade and business startup hub for the Middle East countries.

There are 1000 flights to various countries of the UAE weekly. Along with easy access to the Middle East and GCC markets. Simultaneously, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city in the UAE, and many people who visit this place for shopping. Sharjah International Airport is located near the free zone. It is the central place to attract more foreign investors for business in Dubai.

Dubai's position at the forefront of the Middle East's business landscape will come to an as little surprise to anyone who has travelled throughout the region. Its role as the most well-connected transport hub in the Gulf makes it easier to achieve than elsewhere. Its cluster of high-rise towers provides a myriad of business zones, tax lower house convenient for regional and international companies.

The relative shortage of the emirate's oil resources means that it has had to look for other growth opportunities, unlike most of its neighbours. While the strategy has led to severe financial problems on occasions - such as the debt crisis of 2008/09 - has successfully developed a business-friendly reputation that has proved resilient.

business friendly spots dubai

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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

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10 Best Landing Page Builders in 2020

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that is accessible to online surfers. When spoken about in the context of marketing, a landing page is often standalone and is different in appearance when compared to other webpages of a particular website, such as the home page.

The functionality of a landing page is usually well-defined - offering a “follow-up” of sorts to your customers regarding the aforementioned promises in the content of the website. It lets a visitor become a consumer by providing special information or an irresistible deal in exchange for their contact details.

Most often, landing pages are “click-through” in nature - essentially, they lead the customer to your website. They may also be lead-generation based, those offer trial items such as the first few pages of an e-book or a webinar registration, in exchange for submitting your contact information.

The main purpose of a landing page is to convince a potential customer that providing their personal details is worth doing so for the offer that you are putting up. Usually, experts in marketing suggest that one website maintains several landing pages, each accorded to different demographic segments.

Students studying Information Technology are often tasked with the building and development of websites and blogs, as their curriculum entails. Such assignments need to be carried out with the utmost diligence as they cumulatively amount to the final grade. They need to have adequate knowledge about the topic they choose and also an appropriate platform to broadcast their ideas. These and certain other guidelines need to be kept in mind to ace any such assignments given to the students!

Read on to find out about the 10 best landing page builders in 2020!

1. Leadpages


The most affordable option with a powerful Form Builder

If you are looking for a cheap solution, Leadpages should be your go-to. However, do not let the low-priced plans side-track you - the features are as cutting-edge as you can possibly imagine.

Some features of Leadpages include customer relations management, email integration, as well as dynamic text replacement. There are more than 150-page templates and they even offer mobile-friendly pages!

A significant disadvantage is that their page editor is not very user-friendly - which leads to subpar page design. 

2. Unbounce


The most optimal Landing Page Features.

Unbounce is known to offer some of the best landing page features and this is the reason why numerous brands across the world use it. It helps marketers create optimized landing pages and converts more and more prospective customers into leads and thus increases sales.

Its powerful features let you create test as well as publish your customized landing pages without requiring any prior knowledge in coding.

It offers a free trial so that you may experiment with this product before going ahead with the purchase.

3. Ucraft


Best in-built website builder

This is yet another landing page builder that is extremely user-friendly and also offers a host of spectacular features such as logo making. This helps customize the design of the landing page to your exact liking. Pre-existing templates that are provided by Ucraft are extremely attractive and also compatible with mobile devices.

One particular let-down of this feature is that the cheapest subscription plan offers limited features, which can eventually hamper functionality.

One downside is that the lowest tier subscription plans offer limited features and functionalities. Other than that, the pre-existing templates provided by Ucraft are attractive and fully mobile-responsive.

Additionally, Ucraft helps integrate with everyday use tools such as Google Analytics. 

4. Instabuilder


Ease of landing page building

Instabuilder is perfect for industry-level landing-page building. It has more than 200 templates that are all compatible with mobile devices. It is highly user-friendly and offers easy to use drag and drop editing that helps attach the desired elements to your landing pages.

You don’t require a lot of time to finish the setup process and begin working with this tool. It offers integration with WordPress, MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

5. Landingi


Flexible, no coding knowledge required.

Landingi offers end-to-end solutions to small businesses looking to build landing pages. As a matter of fact, even the giant businesses like Paypal and Sony Music use it - which only further guarantees credibility.

It offers marketing support, more than a hundred templates that are mobile device friendly as well as drag and drop editing.

Mostly similar to Instapage when it comes to the features offered, the difference lies in the amount you would be needing to shell out for each of the respective subscription plans. 

6. Wishpond


Intuitive and optimized interface, good for conversions

Despite being relatively new, Wishpond is quickly topping the charts of the marketing sphere and has been named a High Performer in a reputable software grid report.

Their customizable templates allow you to enter the information you would like to be displayed and collect from your customers through the landing pages - it’s as simple as that!

Its flexibility lets coders tweak settings using the HTML and CSS languages and also lets beginners use the drag and drop feature to simply add the required elements. 

7. Hubspot


Highly reputable in B2B marketing

Hubspot offers a large variety of services such as sales, customer relations management, and obviously, landing page building.

It has built its high reputation because it offers easy to use and immensely powerful tools that let you create feature-rich and dynamic landing pages.

Without paying anything, you can avail tools that allow you to run an elemental marketing campaign that includes a form builder, ad management as well as email marketing. Small businesses with limited budgets benefit immensely from using Hubspot. 

8. GetResponse


All-in-one platform

GetResponse allows you to create landing pages and further enables your marketing campaigns. It has very simple steps, including the selection of templates, customizing the landing page, publishing your page, then testing and optimization.

However, as the landing page builder isn’t the primary tool, you may come across some difficulties.

9. ClickFunnels


Offers a variety of sales funnels

This tool, although primarily used to build sales funnels, also offers tools to help create landing pages. Additionally, you can also build membership websites, product launch places, squeeze pages, etc.

If you opt to purchase the most expensive package, ClickFunnels lets you start your own affiliate program, which helps you direct traffic from platforms such as Facebook towards your landing page.

10. Landing Lion

landing lion

Offers dynamic features

Landing Lion offers a host of features such as A/B email testing, insightful analytics, SEO management as well as drag and drop editing.

The best part? Most of these tools are available for individuals with a basic requirement as a freemium package.

It also lets you integrate across popular platforms such as MailChimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.

Author bio:

Jane is the co-founder and nursing assignment expert at Top My Grades. She has 10+ years of experience in the IT sector, helping with computer science projects, IT programming assignments and web development projects. Other than work, you can find her outdoors on a trek with friends or fishing by a lake.
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Thursday, 19 November 2020

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Influencer Marketing - A Brief Guide

Is this the age of influencer marketing?

Are we witnessing a wave of influencers?

Has influencer marketing become the need of the hour?

Well if we look at the recent trend, we have every reason to believe in the power of influencer marketing.

influencer marketing

But what exactly is influencer marketing?

Well, influencer marketing is basically a kind of marketing promotion which makes use of key leaders or influencers to help people with decision making. In other words, influencer marketing helps to drive the brand message to a larger market. Instead of reaching out directly to the masses, the brand message is imparted in bits and pieces via influencers who are generally hired of pay basis.

Just like with any other marketing objectives, influencer marketing too can have certain goals attached to it. These goals can be any of the following:
  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Sales and Lead Generation
  • Social Media Followers and Engagement
  • Reputation
Brands tie-up with the influencers to run campaigns to achieve any of the above-listed objectives.

Influencers can be hired by any industry. These influencers mostly make use of social media marketing and content marketing techniques to spread a word about the brand they collaborate with.

One can easily find these influencers online on different social media channels especially Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

There are various types of Influencers as listed below:

1. Bloggers and Vloggers
2. Social Media Sensations
3. Reality TV Stars
4. Micro-Influencers
5. Nano-Influencers
6. Activists
7. Journalists
8. Photographers
9. Thought Leaders
10. Mainstream Celebrities

I myself have been into Social Media Influencer role in the past. It all started in the year 2015 when I was approached indirectly by a few brands from the mobile industry to test and review their products on my blog. Some of the top brands with whom I had a privilege to work with were Asus, Paytm, DBS Bank, Phonepe, Freecharge, Makemytrip.com, etc... It was basically a blogging campaign wherein I had to review about brands on my official blog. And yes, I was paid for the same.

As a Social Media Influencer, I was primarily making use of channels like Facebook, Twitter and my official blog for campaigns, I would rightly classify myself as a tech blogger.

And believe me, I am not the only tech influencer. There are abundant of such influencers on the internet. A simple Google search will let you find thousands of them in seconds.

Influencer Marketing is here to stay and grow on a rapid scale. Below listed are some positive trends on the same:
  1. Celebrities relevance will reduce dramatically for influencer campaigns. Brands will start looking for alternate options.
  2. Long term influencer relationships will become more prominent. Short term campaign contracts will vanish.
  3. There will be increased regulation and enforcement to streamline the influencer marketing industry.
  4. Employee and Customers will be increasingly used by Brands as Advocates.
  5. More audio and video content will be created by Influencers.
  6. Influencer marketing, Social media marketing and Content Marketing will be integrated into one.
  7. Influencer marketing platforms will become more important for brands looking to run in-house influencer marketing campaigns.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

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VoIP Industry Statistics 2020 [Infographic]

VoIP phone services and solutions are the business industry’s new and improved way to communicate with clients, partners, and one another among your office.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as a phone system that functions over a reliable internet connection. These systems are the perfect solution for companies of all industries and sizes; however, it is important to remember that you will need a good internet connection. While it’s easy to list the ways these phone systems can help your business flourish and achieve new goals, nothing speaks louder than the numbers.

With this infographic, you can see how VoIP business phone systems have helped organizations since they were first used, as well as how they will continue to support these companies in the future. The numbers shown in the infographic displays the global market size throughout recent years, proving just how well this type of phone system has allowed companies to grow. Based on these numbers and how rapidly they have increased, estimating future growth rates has become much easier. These exponential growth rates and rising numbers are proof that with a VoIP phone system on your side, there is no goal your organization cannot meet or exceed.

IDeACOM NC is proud to continue serving throughout North Carolina, and we are also proud to continue educating those in the business industry on how they can keep growing. There are several business phone systems you can choose from; however, it is evident that a VoIP phone system is ideal for most any organization.

Please Note: 

The data & statistics above are meant for informational purposes. There might be some differences due to the covid-19 impact on the global VoIP market.
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Sunday, 8 November 2020

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Where is the Internet of Things Headed To?

The world of online business is rife with speculations of IoT or Internet of Things spreading its clout on anything and everything tangible. Some are even terming it as the “Third Industrial Revolution”. The answer to where the IoT is headed to is based on the perspective of the person for whom we are actually gauging things and when will it really start. IoT has already penetrated the Enterprise market and there are several manufacturers in the market utilizing the IoT technologies for monitoring, analyzing and controlling the machines to cut down costs and carry out adjustments in production. 

internet of things

Also, the market is being flooded by-products like FitBit and Nest and consumers to are getting a taste of IoT. The Internet of Things has been able to extend its reach to two extreme ends of the demographic spectrum – the smallest or consumers and the largest or Enterprises. 

One of the fastest-growing sector we have seen in the recent past is telecom. In addition to, of course, the phenomenal growth in mobile communications, VoIP has completely killed your standard telephone system. But what has this to do with IoT? Look at unified communications. This is one area in which IoT has vivid potential. Imagine sitting in your office and calling your refrigerator at home, viewing what is stored and making a list of what to buy before heading home. With a simple camera and a unique IP address for your fridge, this is possible.

However, there is one important section of the demography that is by and large still untouched by IoT. Cities, Non-profits and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) are yet to leverage the benefits offered by this so-called revolutionary technology. In order to find out the real reason behind this, we will have to go back in time and identify what exactly gave rise to IoT in the first place. The answer to this is the combination of hardware and software revolution that occurred a few decades back. Advancement of one of these prodded the other to make quick advancements to match up to its former’s advancements.

IoT has stemmed from the advancements made in both the hardware and software sectors. However, the present scenario is such that hardware is leading in terms of advancement and we are able to access the most advanced hardware at very low rates. The same cannot be said about software as the costs of development and maintenance is still very high. Till the time software cost fails to come down drastically, it is not possible for the IoT to expand its wings to the rest of the demographics.

If the recent trends in the Internet of Things are to be analyzed, it can be seen that it has penetrated really deeper into the enterprise and consumer industries. However, IoT can actually become the Third Industrial Revolution, only if it can share its benefits with the larger populace. It can be safely said that prebuilt processes will be able to cut down the costs of software development and IoT can reach out to demographics that are yet to experience the benefits of this amazing technology.

Here is a list of a few things that some industries can expect when IoT starts spreading its wings:

Industrial Sector – There will be serious competition for the manufacturing sector of China from the Made by Robots manufacturing units. All equipment will come with integrated sensors that will be able to detect subnormal vibrations, self diagnose any other anomalies. Even the machine learning analysis will be able to predict the element that is causing the anomaly. 

Retail – Customers will be able to try out any cloth and check out the fittings in a Digital Mirror, which would then be processed by Automated Robots and the clothes can be manufactured within a few hours.

Automotive Sector – Customers will be served by the self-driven cars that will arrive, pick and drop on demand. Commuters not owning personal cars will be paying for only mobility services.
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