Subaru’s Adventurer in a Nutshell

Japanese manufacturer Subaru is known for the use of a boxer engine layout most of its vehicles. The symmetrical all-wheel drive drivetrain, which was introduced back in 1972, has brought a lot of success to the auto giant. Not, surprisingly, the configuration has become ...Read More

Sweet, Small and Sexy: Mazda 6

For a family car, Mazda 6 Sedan boasts a pretty simple & straightforward design. You have cars like Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion & Honda Accord which do the family duties perfectly. But then there is all new Mazda 6. This car has set up ...Read More

Top 7 Hadoop Training Institutes in India

Big Data Hadoop has captured the entire world’s attention towards itself in the 21st century. In today’s time, data is taken up as one of the most important as well as valuable information. Managing, analyzing and processing of this data can be best done ...Read More

How to Edit Scanned PDF Slides

As you probably know, PDF file format keeps the document layout and you cannot edit it as other file formats. PDF files are inevitable in the business world, especially when they need to be sent from one computer to another. When using PDF format, ...Read More
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