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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

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Flexclip - A Service That Makes it Easy to Edit Videos Online

Have you ever made a video? 

YouTube, wedding, work, etc...

You may have the opportunity to make videos for various purposes even if you are not a professional editor. Speaking of video editing, you may think about After Effects, a confusing operation on a messy screen. Since it is software for the main business, it is a tool that is too difficult for beginners. If you've ever thought about editing a video, you probably have no experience. 

Here comes a piece of super good news for beginners who want to easily make videos even if they are not as good as a video editor. 

We will introduce FlexClip video maker that allows you to edit videos on the web easily!

What is Flexclip?

flexclip online video maker

Flexclip is a video editing software. It sounds complicated at the time of "video editing", but FlexClip is a tool that runs on the Chrome browser and does not need to be installed. 

What is Flexclip? 

A service that even beginners who are not familiar with video editing can easily create good-looking videos. FlexClip is one of the best tools to make great videos for YouTube, Facebook and your favorite social networks.

If you also want to launch yourself on YouTube and are looking for a program that allows you to make great-looking videos, FlexClip is definitely one of the best solutions I've found.

FlexClip Features

flexclip software features

The following points are listed as the main features of Flexclip :
  1. Easy to operate. Easy to understand!
  2. You can try it for free and without registration!
  3. It works crisply even in the cloud type!
  4. Rich animation elements for online-based platforms and easy-to-use dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos and more.
  5. Millions of royalty-free media resources. Super rich templates
  6. The number of video templates that can be used in various scenes is amazing! Moreover, the quality is high!
  7. A comprehensive and powerful video editing tool for cropping video and music, adjusting images, changing aspect ratios, or adding effects, narration, and watermarks
  8. Built-in screen / webcam recorder. It has a function to record the screen using a camera with the Free Screen Recorder. It works well with a web browser.
  9. Even if you don't have any knowledge of video production, you can make high-quality videos just by changing the characters on the template and additional materials.

Who Should Try FlexClip?

who should use flexclip

It doesn't have the fine-grained settings of Premiere Pro, but it has more than enough features. I think that it can be recommended for video beginners and YouTubers who do not do advanced editing. I think that the online base mentioned in No. 1 is the most important feature of Flexclip. It is also recommended for nomad workers and people using multiple PCs.
  • People who don't make elaborate videos
  • People who want to make short videos for social networks
  • People who want to make home clips
  • Fledgling YouTubers
  • People who want to make with templates easily
  • Those who are looking for free music material
  • People who want to edit videos on Chromebook
  • People who want to edit the same video on multiple PCs anytime, anywhere

FlexClip Plan

flexclip software plan

There are the above 4 plans. You can select the plan that suits your needs. Since it can be used on a monthly basis, the service can be terminated as soon as it is no longer needed. It is very convenient when you want to use it for a short time. The free version is really a trial version, and the basic plan is not enough.

If you want to pay, we definitely recommend a Plus plan or higher.

We recommend that you use the free plan as a "trial" to see what functions you can use. It is too restrictive because it has a FlexClip intro and the library (media source) that can be used is limited to one per video. A free plan is OK in the sense of trying out the functions, but at least a basic plan if you want to make a good call including uploading to YouTube or Vimeo.

However, these days, FHD (1980x1080pixel) size videos are commonplace for teaching materials, and we recommend the Plus Plan labeled "Popular" for this purpose. I highly recommend the business plan that I also use for those who want to make videos hard, use long time ones (within 30 minutes MAX) and want to maximize the quality. In addition, it is a monthly/annual subscription contract,and I think that you may have a preference for this, but it can be said that the advantage of the subscription is that you can always use the latest features and added media sources abundantly.


That's all about FlexClip. If you have the following concerns, "I want to be a YouTuber! But I don't really understand video editing!" "Wedding movies are expensive, so I want to make my own!" You can use it for small video production at work, a movie for a wedding, a YouTube clip, etc. Knowledge and skill are required to make videos with After Effects. With FlexClip, even beginners can make good videos with zero experience. In a word, Flexclip makes it easy for beginners to make videos. Please give it a try. It should be surprisingly useful.
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Monday, 15 March 2021

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How to Run an Efficient Business?

The objective of any business is to build profitability and diminishing consumption (which means getting more cash in less time and bills/costs). Nonetheless, ordinarily entrepreneurs overlook time and cost saving thoughts because of numerous reasons. For instance, numerous entrepreneurs overlook the advantages transitory capacity building offer. In any case, beneath are not many thoughts and instruments one can use to help accomplishing once business objectives.

The following are 5 different ways to make a business run effectively, empowering one to build income just as investing your energy in your Business and not on it.

run efficient business

1. Exploiting Autopilot Payment System

The truth of the matter is that a business needs to acquire incomes to remain in business. All in all, sooner your clients or customers pay for your assertions, the more cash stream you will get. Consequently, taking benefits of installment cycles won't just save you time yet offer you a chance to chip away at something different? The following are three strategies you can apply for autopilot installment:

Payroll System

The finance framework is helpful particularly on the off chance that you perform rehashed work for a specific customer. Accordingly, if so, at that point you ought to request that your customer put you on their finance framework simply equivalent to a standard representative. This procedure ensures installment on schedule, each month. In addition, it takes out the pressure of composing and sending solicitations. Simultaneously, it will assist your customers with modernizing the way toward getting you paid.

PayPal Buttons

This strategy is just about as simple as having an impermanent stockpiling building. What's the significance here? All things considered, in the event that you charge your customers utilizing PayPal, you can make or set-up a connection/custom catches for each customer. At the point when they need to pay you, they will tap on the connection. This will, thus, pre-populate their organization data, which permits them to pay through Visa, PayPal Balance or financial records. As such, less connection they need to click, the quicker the installment cycle will be.

Recurring Invoices

Did you realize that greater part of bookkeeping administrations like Quick Books Online; enable its clients to timetable and set-up repeating receipt? This uses an online assertion format for both you and the customer. The second your customer fills altogether important data, you can plan the time and set your rate; and have the receipt charged each month. This technique will guarantee that you get paid consistently, which will save time over the long haul.

2. Benefit of Accounting Software

Have you at any point disregard refreshing your books, simply later to be constrained into a surge of refreshing them when the time has come to cover charges? All things considered, it doesn't make any difference how cautious you are planning end-year reports and archives for all operational expense, the odds are that you are probably going to miss some fundamental assessment derivations. This is predominantly on the grounds that occasionally a man is in blunder and mistake is to man.

This is the reason bookkeeping programming is significant. The product won't just save you time however assist you with getting sorted out your finish of year reports, which will decrease your assessment bill.

3. The Importance of Writing Everything Down

However much individuals might want to feel that they are brilliant, it is consistently astute to record significant data. This is on the grounds that we can't recall everything on the grounds that as a money manager, you have a ton going on. This is the reason you will undoubtedly fail to remember significant data. Therefore, you ought to get into propensity for composing things that are significant down.

When recording this data, it's savvy to consider including time, date and even year if conceivable. This procedure will help you stay aware of various exercises you have

Because of headway in innovation, today there are numerous ways one can record things, that appear to be significant. One can exploit computerized schedules or notes. Through advanced schedules, for example, Google Calendars will assist you with overseeing cutoff times and other helpful subtleties. You can likewise exploit computerized task the executives frameworks like Trello or Asana, which are both free and can adjust with your cell phone.

4. Having an Emergency Process Plan

What will occur if all PCs break? What will occur on the off chance that you become ill? How to save your business in the event of a cataclysmic event? Asking yourself these inquiries and others can help you dodge such issues as well as concocted an extraordinary crisis plan. For instance, each business should have actual archives regardless of how best in class the business is. Now and again, the business stockpiling may not be sufficient to store each and every archive. In a like circumstance, an entrepreneur will require transitory capacity building.

Basically, it is insightful to make a bit by bit plan for your group and customers consistently. What's more, it is savvy to have a bit by bit crisis plan. This is a strategy that will help your business run easily in any event, during a crisis.

5. Exploiting Cloud Storage Solutions

As opposed to investing an excessive amount of energy messaging updates and changes to and fro; or just Using Microsoft Word reports to make note, you can exploit the cloud. Fortunately some cloud administrations are free for all clients. A cloud administration naturally synchronizes all documents. The best thing about the cloud is that you can get to your archives anyplace on the planet and it doesn't make any difference the sort of gadget you are utilizing.

Through Free cloud administrations like Dropbox or Google, you can reinforcement every one of your records consistently. Thus, you would you be able to can in any case recuperate your reports if there should arise an occurrence of a fiasco.

All things considered, the writing is on the wall, all the above are tips that will help you run your exchange effectively. Everything necessary is to invest a cycle of energy planning and getting these frameworks and exploiting on the web apparatuses.
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Thursday, 18 February 2021

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Technology Consulting Trends to Watch In 2021 [Infographic]

2021 is expected to be a year with several technology consulting trends that will impact the industry. Are you ready to make the changes to stay on top?

Here are some statistics for this ever-changing industry:
  • 20% of the overall consulting market is made up of IT and technology
  • Integration services, app design, and development accounts for approximately 25% of the technology industry
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices have increased by 30% between 2018 and 2019
  • Many firms are focusing on the rise of smartphones

Trends to expect in 2021:

  • Firms are expected to use the Internet of Things (IoT) more to optimize campaigns, perform consultations, and much more.
  • The use of analytics software will grow and help consulting firms better understand what their current customers need.
  • Cloud strategies are expected to be shifted to more edge services.
  • Firms are expected to capitalize on faster technologies and services by taking advantage of 5G.
  • The popularity of Blockchain technology will continue to grow because companies have seen how it can be used alongside other technology.
  • Artificial intelligence is expected to go more mainstream in 2021.
  • Augmented Reality is expected to replace Virtual Reality because it’s easier to use, more efficient, and costs less.
  • Firms are expected to offer Failure as a Service (FAAS) to more clients.
  • Large enterprises will transition to operate hyper-locally.
  • Firms will grow and change to meet these new trends and technologies, especially as they retool for a post-pandemic world.
Are you prepared to keep up with the new trends in the New Year? Let us help! Ideacom NC can provide you with the best technology consulting services that are proven to help businesses be more productive and more profitable. Call us today at (336) 854-4455.

Technology consulting trends 2021

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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

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The Future of Cloud Technologies

As technology continues to advance exponentially, it is exciting to gaze into the crystal ball and hypothesize how cloud technologies will innovate into the future.

Although the cloud technology marketplace is starting to mature, the expertise of IT professionals is continuing to evolve quickly. To help you understand where cloud technologies are heading we have done some research and provide some insights and a few predictions for the future.

We take look at how cloud technology will evolve and the obstacles and advancements that will likely challenge cloud technology over the next few years.

future cloud technologies

The fundamental function of IT changes

Traditionally IT has been based around being reactive and utilizing tools at their disposal to offer system support. Instead, the way cloud technology is developing we could see a complete role reversal for CIO’s and there IT counterparts. It is possible with the switch to cloud technology that IT experts can start acting proactively and implement efficient cloud-based strategies that are innovative and put companies on the front foot.

With cloud technology a lot of IT systems become automated. With this automation, more emphasis can be put into helping the efficiency of the business and creating innovation tools that help performance and production rather than spending time and resources on system maintenance.

Security measures will tighten up

More and more companies are switching to cloud technologies. As firms transfer their data across to cloud technology they will have to take stock of their security measures protecting their data and information. This will see a rise in the cloud access security broker (CASB) market. CASB’s are important to help monitor safety, control, malware protection and discernibly of cloud usage.

Investment in to cloud based security will tighten up safety measures. This will instill confidence for businesses that cloud technology is safe and secure. A flow on effect is that more businesses, and larger businesses, will transfer to cloud-based technology as the perceived security risk lowers.

Cyber attack risks also rise

As security enhances, so to will risk of cloud cyber attacks and data breaches. As more business transfer to cloud-based technology the risk of cyber attacks and violation of data become real. In 2016, data facilities not based in the cloud continue to be the focus of cyber attacks and data violations.

However, as more companies continue to place trusted information and data into the cloud, the risk of cyber attack, system breach and loss of cherished data increases. Into the future hackers will see compromising cloud technology as a more effective method to destabilize business.

There is a big battle ahead for cloud companies

The large cloud service providers are in a hurried competition to snap up data from existing enterprises. The idea is that these cloud service providers want to attract and lock in an entire company’s data and analytics onto their cloud server before the competition swoop in and snap them up.

Cloud service providers have the advantage of lower costs and are an attractive option for companies trying to synchronize their data across one platform. This ease of storage and reduced cost make it an almighty race to see who can secure the biggest market share in cloud service.

Large companies begin to understand the benefits of moving to the cloud

The secret is out for the benefits of cloud technologies for larger companies. Big multi-nationals with a large online presence, across an array of industries are starting to see the benefits of moving their data and analytics to the cloud:
  • Cloud technologies lower costs of storing data
  • Lower overheads results in increased expenditure in other areas of IT and see a shift to more innovation.
  • There is harmonization across the company with cloud technology. Large companies are able to deliver a better service, run their operations more efficiently and lower the risks by operating on cloud technology.

Eventually all production apps will be in the cloud

The cloud allows for production apps to make gains in efficiency and be developed more cheaply. Financially, it is a sound decision to move production apps to the cloud. Cloud technology allows production apps to be created by using only what is necessary, significantly reducing overheads.

Technically, there are advantages of developing production apps in the cloud as well. The biggest advantage of cloud technology for production apps is providing the ability to scale easily. Increasing proficiency with growth saves time, resources and ultimately money. Cloud technology is smoothing the path for production apps and eventually they will all be in the cloud.
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5 Important Tools of Collaboration That Could Benefit Small Businesses

Businesses can be operated from any corner of the world without any extra cost by using the latest collaboration tools. Smaller businesses operating on shoestring budgets have been the biggest beneficiaries of this technological advancement. Several communication and collaboration tools have been designed and developed to cater to the communication needs of smaller businesses. We will have a quick look at the five collaborative tools that are gaining popularity among small businesses.

business collaboration tools


It is an extremely popular communication and collaboration tool that wipes out the geographical boundaries by facilitating easy collaboration. ClickMeeting establishes connection between two or more individuals and business associates almost instantly, irrespective of their individual location. Thus the individuals or business associates can interact with each other live, in real time, and efficiently. This ensures smooth coordination and sharing of files on a real time basis. The integrated video conferencing feature enables users to interact with multiple people and share screens. Participants can even use search engines like Google for translating the meetings held in real time.


This tool is mainly used for collating the business activities with the concept of social media marketing. The tool not only helps in having access to the B2B social management, it also provides the businesses the ability to gauge and evaluate the extent of success achieved. Oktopost takes the concept of social media branding as well as marketing to the next level.


Asana is effective project management software designed to facilitate seamless business collaboration. The software helps in assigning various types of tasks, setting long and short term goals for the marketing and sales teams. The software helps to get rid of sending and receiving emails, thereby making the communication even faster and more seamless.

Google Drive

A popular tool from Google is basically designed to share files and documents, videos, and various other types of items. Startups and small scale businesses are going to benefit a lot by the use of this Google product. The tools helps working in real time and also offers the option of uploading video and audio files, and help share them in an easier and more effortless way.


This enables small businesses to use any private social network to collaborate on a variety of business activity. The smaller businesses are often found wanting in terms of seamlessness compared to their more seasoned and experienced market players. It helps various business associates and stakeholders to establish connection and collaborate effectively. This reduces time and money to a considerable extent. The chatting feature along with the option of setting up projects and defining timelines offer better task management. It also helps the various facets of a business under the same roof thereby improving the quality of management.

The appropriate collaborative tools will provide an edge to your small business when it comes to competing with the larger businesses in the market.
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Saturday, 23 January 2021

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The 4 Most Popular Siding Materials in America [Infographic]

Some see siding as just an aesthetic addition, but it’s more than that. It’s also an important layer of protection against weather and other threats, so making the right siding choice is important. This infographic can help with your decision!

Here are a couple of the siding choices we break down, including their respective descriptions, life expectancy, and other benefits:

Metal Siding: Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum gained popularity because it was cheaper than wood, and also needed less maintenance. Then steel emerged as another solid option, thanks to its added strength and durability.

Average Life Expectancy:
20-40 years (aluminum); 40+ years (steel)

  • Comes in many styles, and can mimic the look of wood
  • Aluminum is one of the lowest-priced options
  • Aluminum substrate can last for decades, but needs periodic refinishing
  • Steel costs more per square foot, but is less prone to dings and dents
  • Galvalume steel is very resilient, and doesn’t need refinishing

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement is the newest entry, and has become favored thanks to great looks, impressive durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Average Life Expectancy: 50-100 years with basic care

  • Comes closest to emulating the look of natural wood grain
  • Available in a variety of styles, designs, and orientations
  • Incredibly durable, not susceptible to rot or pests, little required maintenance
  • Includes recycled and recyclable materials; it’s more resource-efficient
  • Higher price point, but also likely to be the last siding you’ll ever need
Ready for all the details? 

View the complete infographic! 

Skywalker Windows & Siding is an elite team of professionals serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro, and Roanoke, VA areas.

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