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Thursday, 19 November 2020

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Influencer Marketing - A Brief Guide

Is this the age of influencer marketing?

Are we witnessing a wave of influencers?

Has influencer marketing become the need of the hour?

Well if we look at the recent trend, we have every reason to believe in the power of influencer marketing.

influencer marketing

But what exactly is influencer marketing?

Well, influencer marketing is basically a kind of marketing promotion which makes use of key leaders or influencers to help people with decision making. In other words, influencer marketing helps to drive the brand message to a larger market. Instead of reaching out directly to the masses, the brand message is imparted in bits and pieces via influencers who are generally hired of pay basis.

Just like with any other marketing objectives, influencer marketing too can have certain goals attached to it. These goals can be any of the following:
  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Sales and Lead Generation
  • Social Media Followers and Engagement
  • Reputation
Brands tie-up with the influencers to run campaigns to achieve any of the above-listed objectives.

Influencers can be hired by any industry. These influencers mostly make use of social media marketing and content marketing techniques to spread a word about the brand they collaborate with.

One can easily find these influencers online on different social media channels especially Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

There are various types of Influencers as listed below:

1. Bloggers and Vloggers
2. Social Media Sensations
3. Reality TV Stars
4. Micro-Influencers
5. Nano-Influencers
6. Activists
7. Journalists
8. Photographers
9. Thought Leaders
10. Mainstream Celebrities

I myself have been into Social Media Influencer role in the past. It all started in the year 2015 when I was approached indirectly by a few brands from the mobile industry to test and review their products on my blog. Some of the top brands with whom I had a privilege to work with were Asus, Paytm, DBS Bank, Phonepe, Freecharge, Makemytrip.com, etc... It was basically a blogging campaign wherein I had to review about brands on my official blog. And yes, I was paid for the same.

As a Social Media Influencer, I was primarily making use of channels like Facebook, Twitter and my official blog for campaigns, I would rightly classify myself as a tech blogger.

And believe me, I am not the only tech influencer. There are abundant of such influencers on the internet. A simple Google search will let you find thousands of them in seconds.

Influencer Marketing is here to stay and grow on a rapid scale. Below listed are some positive trends on the same:
  1. Celebrities relevance will reduce dramatically for influencer campaigns. Brands will start looking for alternate options.
  2. Long term influencer relationships will become more prominent. Short term campaign contracts will vanish.
  3. There will be increased regulation and enforcement to streamline the influencer marketing industry.
  4. Employee and Customers will be increasingly used by Brands as Advocates.
  5. More audio and video content will be created by Influencers.
  6. Influencer marketing, Social media marketing and Content Marketing will be integrated into one.
  7. Influencer marketing platforms will become more important for brands looking to run in-house influencer marketing campaigns.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

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VoIP Industry Statistics 2020 [Infographic]

VoIP phone services and solutions are the business industry’s new and improved way to communicate with clients, partners, and one another among your office.

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as a phone system that functions over a reliable internet connection. These systems are the perfect solution for companies of all industries and sizes; however, it is important to remember that you will need a good internet connection. While it’s easy to list the ways these phone systems can help your business flourish and achieve new goals, nothing speaks louder than the numbers.

With this infographic, you can see how VoIP business phone systems have helped organizations since they were first used, as well as how they will continue to support these companies in the future. The numbers shown in the infographic displays the global market size throughout recent years, proving just how well this type of phone system has allowed companies to grow. Based on these numbers and how rapidly they have increased, estimating future growth rates has become much easier. These exponential growth rates and rising numbers are proof that with a VoIP phone system on your side, there is no goal your organization cannot meet or exceed.

IDeACOM NC is proud to continue serving throughout North Carolina, and we are also proud to continue educating those in the business industry on how they can keep growing. There are several business phone systems you can choose from; however, it is evident that a VoIP phone system is ideal for most any organization.

Please Note: 

The data & statistics above are meant for informational purposes. There might be some differences due to the covid-19 impact on the global VoIP market.
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Sunday, 8 November 2020

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Where is the Internet of Things Headed To?

The world of online business is rife with speculations of IoT or Internet of Things spreading its clout on anything and everything tangible. Some are even terming it as the “Third Industrial Revolution”. The answer to where the IoT is headed to is based on the perspective of the person for whom we are actually gauging things and when will it really start. IoT has already penetrated the Enterprise market and there are several manufacturers in the market utilizing the IoT technologies for monitoring, analyzing and controlling the machines to cut down costs and carry out adjustments in production. 

internet of things

Also, the market is being flooded by-products like FitBit and Nest and consumers to are getting a taste of IoT. The Internet of Things has been able to extend its reach to two extreme ends of the demographic spectrum – the smallest or consumers and the largest or Enterprises. 

One of the fastest-growing sector we have seen in the recent past is telecom. In addition to, of course, the phenomenal growth in mobile communications, VoIP has completely killed your standard telephone system. But what has this to do with IoT? Look at unified communications. This is one area in which IoT has vivid potential. Imagine sitting in your office and calling your refrigerator at home, viewing what is stored and making a list of what to buy before heading home. With a simple camera and a unique IP address for your fridge, this is possible.

However, there is one important section of the demography that is by and large still untouched by IoT. Cities, Non-profits and SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) are yet to leverage the benefits offered by this so-called revolutionary technology. In order to find out the real reason behind this, we will have to go back in time and identify what exactly gave rise to IoT in the first place. The answer to this is the combination of hardware and software revolution that occurred a few decades back. Advancement of one of these prodded the other to make quick advancements to match up to its former’s advancements.

IoT has stemmed from the advancements made in both the hardware and software sectors. However, the present scenario is such that hardware is leading in terms of advancement and we are able to access the most advanced hardware at very low rates. The same cannot be said about software as the costs of development and maintenance is still very high. Till the time software cost fails to come down drastically, it is not possible for the IoT to expand its wings to the rest of the demographics.

If the recent trends in the Internet of Things are to be analyzed, it can be seen that it has penetrated really deeper into the enterprise and consumer industries. However, IoT can actually become the Third Industrial Revolution, only if it can share its benefits with the larger populace. It can be safely said that prebuilt processes will be able to cut down the costs of software development and IoT can reach out to demographics that are yet to experience the benefits of this amazing technology.

Here is a list of a few things that some industries can expect when IoT starts spreading its wings:

Industrial Sector – There will be serious competition for the manufacturing sector of China from the Made by Robots manufacturing units. All equipment will come with integrated sensors that will be able to detect subnormal vibrations, self diagnose any other anomalies. Even the machine learning analysis will be able to predict the element that is causing the anomaly. 

Retail – Customers will be able to try out any cloth and check out the fittings in a Digital Mirror, which would then be processed by Automated Robots and the clothes can be manufactured within a few hours.

Automotive Sector – Customers will be served by the self-driven cars that will arrive, pick and drop on demand. Commuters not owning personal cars will be paying for only mobility services.
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Friday, 30 October 2020

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Work Productivity and Time Management for Business

The guide for professionals and SMEs to the optimization of work productivity, from the management techniques of business objectives to the organization of time to the management of priorities.

An efficient production process, whether it is the work of a single professional or a company of several people, remains linked to some crucial aspects:
  • identification and management of priorities,
  • work organization,
  • time and resource management,
  • compliance with deadlines
With JCPenney Associate kiosk, the employees of JCP can easily manage their work schedules and shift timings using the Jcpenney JTIME application from the JCP associates dashboard.

work productivity & time management

Knowing how to master each of these points will allow you to define precise and measurable objectives, organize your and your resources' agenda, proceed with the order and deliver the work on time, significantly improving work productivity.

In recent decades, various methods for optimizing productivity have been developed. On paper, they are all effective, but each of us will probably be better off with one system than another. In some cases it is also possible to combine different methods, taking from each the ideas that best suit our business and our personality.

Some techniques are based on the senses such as sight or touch: blackboards, Post-It notes, checklists, but also timing or scheduling systems like JCP Jtime (i.e. a simple timer, a clock, or a calendar circled with an expiration date) are the most used tools.

Other methods, on the other hand, are more linked to abstraction, to the capacity for imagination and mental organization.

As a result, for those who prefer to think through mental schemes, the sight of a simple hourglass can arouse anxiety and even become a cause of distraction, or that a more practical spirit lacks the ground under their feet if they do not have a physical perception of what has been. done and has yet to do.

All that remains is to try, and who knows that after a little practice you will not be able to develop your very personal, infallible technique to optimize your productivity, obtain better results, better manage your time at work, and in everyday life.

Here are our tips to get organized and increase productivity:

1. Time management

2. Priority management

3. Organization of work

Time management: methods

Time is precious but limited to 24 hours a day. Knowing how to manage your time allows you to take advantage of the hours dedicated to your work in the most productive way, allowing you to have time for your life, your passions, your loved ones. In practice, it can make the difference between working to live and living to work. In this case, rather than methods, we are talking about useful tips, small easily applicable techniques, which however involve rigour and dedication. After a while, you won't be able to do without them, and they will become so normal that you use them almost without realizing it.

Tomato technique

Timing is essential, but it can also cause stress. By eliminating distractions and increasing your ability to concentrate, you will surely get better results with less effort.


Ideal for those who have a tendency to procrastinate or are subject to frequent interruptions in their work environment, but also for those managers who have to manage different groups. of work. We assign an exclusive time interval to each activity and then move on to something else.

Agile methodology

Sometimes the goal to be achieved is clear, but not the steps necessary for its accomplishment. Here is a way to break down complex projects by assigning different deadlines and planning a general timeline.

To-Do and Don't List

Sometimes it is some of our habits that affect our productivity. Learn to recognize the situations that favour your productivity and those that hinder it, avoiding the actions that make you waste precious time.

Well, you've probably already identified some aspects in which you recognize yourself at this point.

You just have to follow us in our Guide to learn more about the techniques and methods to improve your productivity and your results.

Management of priorities: methods

Distinguishing between importance and urgency is the first step to better organize one's priorities, thus avoiding spending time and resources on peripheral or marginal activities, losing sight of the most important objectives.

MoSCoW Method - Must, Should, Could, Want

It serves to organize tasks according to their urgency, highlighting what is really critical and what is not, creating a to-do list. After completing the most critical tasks, you move on to the next ones.

Eisenhower or Covey matrix

Also, in this case, it is a question of defining urgencies and attributing a degree of importance to each activity, using a graphic scheme. The activities will be divided into four groups: important urgent, important not urgent, urgent not important, not urgent, not important.

Organization of work: methods

Multitasking is Evil. We start with this assumption. Each individual activity must be carried out on its own, solved, and then moved on to the next activity. Organizing your work means adopting a certain strategy, having in mind what the phases of the work process are, to avoid the bottleneck effect that is obtained when the subsequent phases are blocked by the previous unfinished ones

Kanban method

It is the workflow organization system at the base of the famous Toyota Method. A blackboard or a panel with Post-It notes allow you to view the progress of the various activities in progress, and to prevent unfinished projects from accumulating, organizing the workload.

SMART Method - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-related)

Suitable for those who are about to start a complex project and must develop the right strategy by defining the main objectives and verifying their effective validity, that is, that they are Specific, Measurable, Implementable, Realistic, and in relation to Time.

The Action Method

It serves to move from ideas to facts, putting brainstorming results into practice by creating a to-do list and putting in order the more chaotic aspects of creative work, especially when it is done by multiple people.

GDT Method - Getting Things Done by David Allen

Do you have too much at stake and feel overwhelmed Don't panic, there is a method for that too. Just insert concerns, ideas, and activities into an organized system to address them one step at a time.
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Monday, 12 October 2020

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DesignEvo: Why Should You Use Online Logo Makers

Doubtlessly, the logo is vitally essential for a personal blog, website, or online business. A logo would be one of the first things viewers notice when they visit your websites. Still, designing a logo is not an easy task and you may have photoshop skills to create a perfect logo. 

Whether you're looking for an online store, starting a new website, or just looking to refresh your blogs or store, a perfect logo always plays a crucial role in creating the brand and corporate identity. 

why online logo maker

To have a logo surely not be easy if you have a minimal budget and not the people who familiar with design skills in the past. Luckily, now AI design can help every non-designer create and get the logo cheap, even free.

So what advantages of these online logo making services.

1. They are very user-friendly.

Online logo makers are easy to use, as most of them are template-oriented or icon-based. Even if you have no design skills, you can control your logo projects. The editors provided there are very straightforward so that you can work effortlessly.

2. Most are free to use or freemium.

These types of logo makers are often completely free or should pay for higher resolution. But compared with other approaches, like designed by freelancers or studios, they are affordable. For free ones, the limitation of your logo would be low-resolution, no transparent background, the file format. So these tools are very fit for individual bloggers, or just for social media profiles.

3. You can generate your logo with simple steps.

If you want your logo at a break, then these tools are much faster than a designer. As most logo makers are AI-generated, so as you input your brand information, then they can become generation quickly double of logo samples for you to customize. Thus, all you need to do might be to select one for further modification. With this system worked, you can get a logo in seconds.

4. You can edit your logo files whenever.

Actually, designers would lose their patience to edit the logo draft, and most logos would undergo a 5 draft maximum. However, you can edit your logo with these tools unlimited and whenever you want. Furthermore, even you have downloaded your logo, and you can also edit it.

5. You have full control of your logo.

Generally, these logo makers would offer a set of editors for you to customize your logo. Your logo unique comes from these changes. 

Icon: the icon is a good item to express your business. For example, you may see some famous logos that may you connect what their industry is. So if you make fair use of icons, then you more likely to make people know what your brand about.

Template: this is the basic layout where you start to design your logo. The key to choose the logo template to edit is to find the one that suits your business. 

Font: most logo generators provide a font stock for you to edit. These fonts would basically include classic and art. But to be honest, art fonts would be a trap if your business does not belong to creative industries.

And then, you definitely want to find a tool to create a logo for your own, so in this post, you will learn one of the best logo makers, DesignEvo and then review this tool.

So let’s get started to review DesignEvo?

DesignEvo – a broad set of templates for you to choose

designevo logo maker templates

  • Suitable for: designers for inspiration, newbies who have no design experience
  • Platform type: template design by yourself
  • Language support: English, Spanish, Franch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, German
  • Format support: JPG, PDF, PDF, SVG
  • Price range: Free, Basic for $24.99, Plus plan with $49.99

Main features of DesignEvo

1. Lots of design materials

There are currently tens of thousands of logo templates available on the platform. You can choose according to your own industry attributes, and you can have a large number of different Logo templates that you can apply and customize.

2. Multiple font choices

The fonts on the set are not completely unchangeable. DesignEvo provides a lot of font choices. Besides, you can edit the text with effects like curve, size, colour, etc.

3. The interface is highly intuitive

Compared to other platforms, the interface of DesignEvo is quite intuitive. When you try it for the first time, you can get started quickly. There will be no dilemma of being able to find functions. It is quite suitable for novices.

4. Customizable design

All logo elements of DesignEvo can be modified separately. The customized functions are complete, including cutting, rotating, layering, copying, undoing, redoing, etc. You can make the most suitable logo according to your ideas.

5. Provide the preview function

This is a handy feature that can put your Logo on different items for you to preview with one click, such as business cards, book covers, website logos, clothes, etc.

Then, you would be interested to know how to make logos on this platform.

How does DesignEvo work for your project?

Firstly, you should go to the DesignEvo homepage.

designevo free logo maker

Access this tool from your web browser. Its mobile app versions have also been released. So it is also possible to create a logo from an iOS/ Android smartphone or Mac system.

Okay, once you have accessed its platform, you can go to its template choosing the page to choose the logo layout. 

Secondly, Choose a business industry.

designevo choosing logo

You can choose the industry that will use your logo. Choose something close to you from areas such as fashion, technology and education.

Thirdly, Customize your logo with your creativity

designevo logo customize

Here this step is the most important step determining your logo unique. With DesignEvo, you would have major 4 aspects to personalize your logos: icon, text, shape and background. Therefore, you can replace the icon and change the icon size, colour, other effects. You can change the fonts for the text tab, but note that you should use no more than 3 fonts. You can reset the logo background if necessary.

Finally, you can preview and download the completed logo.

designevo logo maker plans

When you press the download button, a zip file containing the logo image will be saved on your computer. 

Wrapping up

Above is an introduction to the DesignEvo logo maker. If you want to make a logo for your online shop, business, or social media, please try this tool to make a logo.
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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

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How to Choose the Best Data Storage Solution for Your Business

When running a business, keeping your data safe is one of the most important elements that you will need to resolve. While businesses would keep their records on paper 15 or 20 years ago, most companies are now storing data online. Not only does it ensure your data is easier to access, but it also means there is no paper trace for sensitive information that you may not want to reveal to your competitors or the general public.

choose best data storage solution

But finding the right data storage solution is not easy. There are so many companies that claim to offer the best solution, but most of them are only talking from a marketing perspective. How do you know you are going with the right provider? 

Here are three questions that you should ask before you choose any data storage solution for your business.

Can It Handle Large Backups?

Always ask a data storage provider about how they can handle large data backups. Some providers are good with helping smaller businesses, or companies that do not have much data to store online. However, if your business has a ton of data that is being stored onto servers each week, you need a provider that can keep up with this load.

The last thing you want is for servers to run out of space when you are uploading data. Assess the data space options, bandwidth limitations and any other restrictions that may apply to the plan. Choose the one that best fits your company’s needs.

Is Backup Automated?

Manual backups are something that individual users can handle. But when you are receiving data storage solutions from a company such as Spectra, you will want an automatic backup solution in place. With automatic backups, you do not need to worry about anything. These backups will run in the background on the scheduled dates and times – without a hitch.

Is Your Data Safe?

The entire reason to store online, aside from avoiding the hassle of printing out thousands of papers, is to keep it safe. If the storage provider that you choose has a poor security history, you may want to look elsewhere. Ensure that your provider is offering SSL encryption on dual fronts: with both transmission and storage.

And ensure that you are in full control of your data, not the storage provider. Some providers offer free or discounted hosting solutions, but it means they own your data. As a prominent business, you will want 100 per cent ownership and control over your data and its security. When you are receiving that, it means you have found the right data storage solution.

It may take you a few days to find the right provider. There is no need to rush into this process. It is much better to deliberate about your decision instead of choosing a provider that is completely wrong for your needs. Because when you have found the right provider, it is the start of a relationship that will last many years. This is an important decision that you must get right!
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