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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

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Importance of Automated Emails in Ecommerce Business [Infographic]

Companies that sell products over the internet are part of an industry called eCommerce. These brands, like companies in any other industry, need to use email campaigns to drive sales. One important type of email that eCommerce brands use is the automated email flow, also known as a drip campaign. These are templated emails that are, in general, designed to work in a series. Most email marketing software offers the option to use these email campaigns, which are triggered by conditions or actions and automatically sent by that software.

Examples of conditions that set off automated email campaigns include page abandonment, cart abandonment, visits to specific pages, a placed order, time between events, and more. You can also funnel different subscribers into specific drip campaigns using filters, such as their location, a specific customer segment, a user’s previous email activity and engagement, and their purchase history.

In a way, email drips act like a personal concierge to your subscribers. They remind customers about your store at moments when the recipient is more inclined to engage with your brand (even if it’s just to read the email), make a purchase (whether it’s a first-time purchase or a repeat order), and research your company or products (before they even reach out to your customer service or sales teams).

Brands have six distinct email campaigns they should consider automating. 

The first is browse abandonment emails, which is triggered when a shopper visits a product page but doesn’t add the item to their cart or place an order, and then they leave your website. Cart abandonment emails are a step beyond, in which a shopper visits your site, added products to their cart, but then failed to complete the purchase. 

Next, are post-purchase emails, which have become expected by consumers. In these transactional emails, shoppers receive order confirmations and shipping updates. Lead nurturing emails help engage consumers at the top of the funnel (who aren’t ready to make a purchase) and introduce your brand and products. 

Post-chat emails are for users who have a conversation with a chatbot or customer service rep through the chat feature on your website. The email follows up to make sure the chat helped the user, and they don’t have any further questions. 

Finally, brands can use win-back emails. That final option — the win-back email — is one of the least common, but most effective. This type of automated campaign helps brands win back previous customers.

Automated emails, or drip campaigns, are an important tool for email marketers, especially those in eCommerce. The following infographic helps explain drip campaigns and can help you see how they work.

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Friday, 8 October 2021

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A New Freeware Tool Quickly Force Deletes Files and Folders: ForceDelete

A new handy and powerful freeware utility that helps users quickly unlock files in use and delete or even shred them.

Today AutoClose releases the new tiny file tool ForceDelete V1.0, which unlocks and deletes files or folders that are in use by other processes and cannot be deleted. GUI mode and command-line batch mode are both available. Users can also use ForceDelete via context menu shortcuts. This powerful tool is able to shred files to permanently delete files and folders. Besides, ForceDelete has an option that allows users to delete locked files and folders without terminating the processes.

force delete file tool

Like people surely already know, they cannot delete a file that is currently open in a program. This means that if said a program has crashed or is currently unresponsive, they have to wait for it to work again or to forcibly kill its process from the Task Manager, then delete the document in question. Alternatively, ForceDelete is a better choice and designed exactly for solving these issues.

Neat but Powerful File Delete Tool

The GUI of ForceDelete is straightforward and highly intuitive, and users can simply drag and drop the documents and folders they want to delete onto the main window. Besides automatically deleting files in question, ForceDelete can also kill processes that blocked files in the first place (it comes in handy especially if they are facing a hard time closing off involved applications).

Moreover, if people want to make sure that no one can do the recovery for a certain file, they can enable the Shred Files option and they can rest assured that all the file data is erased completely and out of reach for everyone, no matter the restore tool they could be using.

Context Menu Feature

The best thing about ForceDelete is that it allows automatically adding to the context menu of all files users want to delete. In other words, they don't have to manually open its main window whenever they require unlocking or simply removing a file - instead, they just need to right-click files and select the feature they need.

Features List

  • Force Delete Folders and Files
  • Unlock Files are in Use by Other Processes
  • Delete Files without Terminating Other Programs
  • Delete Files via Context Menu Shortcuts
  • File Shred Feature
  • Command Line Mode is Available
  • Portable Version is Available
  • File Size is 800 KB
  • Adware Clean


Download ForceDelete: https://autoclose.net/forcedelete.html
Operation Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 or later & Server (64/32 bit)
File Size: 800 KB
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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

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AnyWebP - Convert WebP to JPG, PNG and ICO Image Format in Bulk

Ever came across a situation where you had to deal with WebP images?
Ever tried to preview WebP images but had no success?
Ever felt like converting any image into WebP format?
Ever felt like batch converting all your existing images into WebP format?

If "Yes" then today I am here to let you know about a software program that makes WebP images management a total breeze!


AnyWebP is a useful little program that can be used to manage all your WebP related image conversions. With just one click you can easily convert any WebP image into other popular image formats like JPG / PNG / ICO. And if you want to convert any or all your existing images into WebP image format, you can do that also.

Cool...Isn't it?

Why WebP images?

Well, WebP image format was announced by Google in 2010. The idea was to provide the same quality as any other jpg image file but with much better performance and compression efficiency. WebP images are thus 25-35% smaller in file size in comparison to the typical JPEG image. This is the single most biggest reason why WebP images are so popular amongst modern day web designers. And moreover, WebP images are supported by most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc...

But in spite of all the positives, WebP images have one major issue. There is no native application to open these files on a Windows PC. Windows image viewer doesn't support such images. Images cannot be previewed or edited directly in the system. Sharing is also limited because of the lack of widespread adoption.

Just imagine if you have hundreds of such WebP images on your PC for sharing!!!

You would definitely need some advanced tools to deal with those images. 

And this is where AnyWebP stands out!

AnyWebP can batch convert all your WebP images to other image formats which you can then easily edit in your favourite photo editing software and then share it to whomsoever you want to. The converted images can easily be opened with native image viewer programs.

For more info, please visit - anywebp.com
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Monday, 27 September 2021

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RecordCast - Free Online Screen Recording and Video Editing Software

Screen recording applications have grown in huge numbers today. Most of these applications are getting popular among those into video making and related activities. These screen recording programs help you to capture your live screen/windows or custom region as per your need and then you have the option to export these captures as edited videos which are then available for sharing on various places like websites, social media sites like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc...

RecordCast - Online Screen Recording

Now, if you are looking to record your screen without using any standalone screen recording software then you should check out - RecordCast.

RecordCast is a web-based versatile screen recording software that can help you record screens, create and edit videos as per your need. The online screen recording program comes with a host of features to make your screen recording easy and fast.

Listed below are the salient features of the RecordCast -


When it comes to simplicity, RecordCast stands on the top of the list of screen recording programs. The program requires no additional software or plugin to run. Just start recording your screen in a few clicks.

Multiple Recording Modes

RecordCast - Screen Recording Modes

This is another great feature that allows you to capture your screen in 3 available modes:

a. Screen Only Mode
b. Webcam Only Mode
c. Screen + Webcam Mode

I guess it is all self-explanatory. You can record your screen the way you like for maximum impact.

Video Editing Capabilities

RecordCast - Video Editing

RecordCast not only helps to capture your screen but also lets you edit your video captures with the built-in video editor. You can use the built-in video editor to trim recordings, add text effects, overlays, dynamic elements, music or adjust background colours, etc...


Each and every video you create is never uploaded to a server or disclosed to a third party. All videos are edited locally including both recorded and normal video files.

Well, these are some of the top advantages of using Recordcast. This online screen recording software lets you record almost anything on your PC screen including zoom meeting, a video call or a webinar, a lecture as an attendee and then share the same with your team members. You can easily teach or demonstrate anything to your clients. Ideally, the software is best suited for creating e-course for the students and training videos for the employees.

Plus you can also record gameplay highlights. 

Amazing...isn't it?
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Monday, 13 September 2021

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5 Business That You Can Start With Small Investment

Starting anything new means a heavy load of working structures with significant investment. But in 2021, all business does not need huge investment planning, but business planning is all time a necessary part of any startup business.

Small investments are the primary steps of starting a new business. For example, you can take the handyman business concepts. If you are a good craftsman and this pandemic is just starting to ruin your running business. Best of all, every business plan does not require huge money investments.

Then you can ask us how to start a handyman business? It is more about the investments of your craftsmanship. Money and other things are not very much required for starting a handyman business. But apart from the handyman business, you will get many other options where you can step into making a big difference.

starting business

5 Types Of Business That You Can Start With Small Investments

2021 is an auspicious year for starting any new business. A small business startup can be possible with fewer investments of money.

Here is a small list of the possible businesses which you can start with small monetary investments.

1. Start Your Business With Dropshipping

Dropshipping business is going to be the most profitable business in 2021. After 2019 the dropshipping business online is just making the most impressive change from the last few years. Indeed online shopping and eCommerce based purchasing are gaining popularity among customers.

You only have to make a room to store the materials. Dropshipping is a model business structure where a third party supplier stores the items and then ships the inventory to your customers. The most important part of the business is to pass the sales order so you do not have to handle the products.

You can deal with local and overseas suppliers. The geographical structure is not the barrier of the business. Now in 2021, all the dropshipping business operations can be handled by the internet and over phones.

Dropshipping is one of the law investments business plans. You can start the product market analysis with the help of the data and the records. After analyzing the product’s market, you can make your mind to invest in your product marketing and purchasing. Does it sound profitable?

First, you have to analyze the specific product requirements; after that, you can fix your mind about the products.

Hence you are not purchasing the products, but you are responsible for the product marketing and the product shipping and delivery.

2. Paint The T-Shirts

Painting or print on demand is the best business when you have creative souls. There is a customization process where you do not have to wait for the customers. The customers are placing the order first then you have to start your work.

Many painters and designers are starting their fashion designing by painting T-shirts, hoodies, and different scarves. You can start your business by announcing the service from social media platforms. Then you can start with your own website, or any e-commerce base sites are also getting interested in this type of business.

By using this creative way, you can utilize your creative and innovative mind. For starting these businesses, you only have to create some sample T-shirts with the painted slogan on them.

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3. Design Online Products

The online studies and the course materials are the most desired products in 2021. After 2020 the online studies are making huge growth. Everywhere and in every field, the students are asking about the online courses and the tutorials.

If you are more of teaching the subject to the students and if you have good explanation skills. Then use those skills to improve your business goals. The business goals are more of making money with the recognition.

You can try many things like music, courses, study materials etc. The more designed products and the varieties of online designer things have not required the shipping and delivery hazards.

That is the best part of designing online study materials. You can even upload live tutorials, which will help you to set up your business without investing a single penny.

4. Sell The Designer Posters, Cards And Greetings Cards

The internet is making us more dependent on online posters, cards, and greetings cards. Almost every one of us is asking for personalized online greetings cards to make our wishes.2021 is the year when this type of electronic greetings necessity is growing rapidly.

You can plan to design the online posters and the cards, which is also very less costly. But for setting up this business, the first thing you have to do is just make some sample cards and posters, which will help you to show the works to your potential customers and the viewers.

These works are the best way which is leading the way towards success. You can start your business as a student who wants to be an independent person.

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5. Sell Your Services

From the 2020 pandemic, the service industry is very much affected, but that does not mean that you have to lock your shop. The online service facility is helping you to go one step ahead. Technology and e-commerce based websites are giving you the facility to complete your dreams.

The craftsmanship, plumbing, and different types of the handyman business are among these types of services. The primary investments are very little. You only have to enlist your services category, and you have to get a license to do craftsmanship. These operations can be completed with a few simple clicks on the mouse.

The legal terms are the only investment of doing the services business. Other than the legal thing, you only have to purchase the goods and tools of the services.


After 2020, we all are becoming more flexible with the online system and e-commerce based systems. That is the biggest positive point about making the change of the business startup concepts. The more of us were thinning business means investing lots of money and persistence. The persistence remains in the same position, but the business’s primary investments are becoming less than in the previous years.

Author Bio:

Hanna Flores is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Hanna Flores is associated with News Profy, Plus Life Styles & Worthy To Share, World Tech24, The CBD Magazine, The Dating DairyThe Legal Guides, Essay Writing Guides,
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Friday, 10 September 2021

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Myths And Truths About Digital Marketing

There are many people who think that because they know a little about computers and know how to handle Facebook and Instagram, they already know everything about digital marketing.

For starters, that is already the first myth about this concept, its own definition.

Digital marketing is all that action that is carried out with the objective of advertising in the online world, and not necessarily in one of those 2 social networks, it has many more branches and intertwined concepts.

digital marketing myths and truths

But What Exactly is Digital Marketing For?

One of the main advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing is that it allows you to know your target audience so well that you can segment and personalize communication strategies.

It also serves to measure all the parameters established in the objectives that you set before planning the strategy, and you can measure them even in real-time.

Another of its uses is interaction, with digital marketing you can have conversations with your customers 24/7.

Online marketing helps you gain visibility.

It is not just being on the Internet, users have to take the step of choosing you from among all the options they have, and for that, you will use all the tools that this type of marketing provides you.

If you have a 100% online business you will be able to get much more out of what I have told you before, and in addition to certain advantages :

Advantages of Using it in Online Businesses

As you can instantly measure the entire strategy, you can change your tactics with total flexibility to improve your results.

If your business is able to adapt quickly to changes, it will have a lot to win, it is a matter of flexibility and going to trial and error.

Of course, running a business online and obviously as a consequence, digital marketing, is much cheaper than using traditional methods.

With online advertising, you can create branding and a community. Always bearing in mind that you have to communicate a credible message that is consistent with the values ​​of the company.

And lastly, you are always there. The Internet allows you to be omnipresent. You can be everywhere and at all times.

That is why it is important to be dynamic and constant.

Myths and Truths About Digital Marketing

Oftentimes, in such a changing environment as the online world and marketing, false myths often appear.

They say that digital marketing is only for online businesses

It is often thought that Internet marketing is only for businesses that can be contracted on the same Internet.

But if you think that, you are wrong: it is suitable for all kinds of businesses. Whether it is a physical or online company, if it is B2C or if it is B2B.

Everyone can take advantage of the visibility that this type of advertising gives.

Negative comments hurt business

You don't have to try to hide them from future customers.

What should be done is to answer them in a professional way and for the whole world to see it, thus increasing the credibility and trust of the people who have offered their feedback by addressing them and also of the people who read these comments.

SEO is thought to be static

You prepare everything, and you forget.

Mmmmmh ...


Search engines like Google are changing indexing criteria and how they evaluate web pages.

That is why you have to always be on top of it, analyzing progress every day, and detecting areas for improvement.

So: SEO is dynamic.

"My nephew can make me a Community Manager"

Unless your nephew is an expert, no, he can't.

You may think that a young person who manages their social networks may already be a CM expert. Well, that's a lie, not just anyone.

Yes, you should be present on social media to implement your digital marketing strategy.

But they will have to be carried by someone who understands the subject, someone professional. A digital marketing specialist to Create and apply a better digital marketing strategy.

To transmit the identity message of your brand, that you know your customers or know how to know them to later send them the most segmented and personalized message.

In this way, you will retain users.

Having a lot of followers means that your business is successful


You can have a billion followers, but if they don't listen to you ...

You have to create quality and attractive content for your audience so that they feel connected with your brand and thus generate engagement, which is what really matters.

Digital marketing is a useless expense

Businesses that are deeply rooted in tradition tend to think that if their business is doing well, why go online?

They see it as an out-of-pocket expense.

It may also be because at some point they have already tried it, and have seen that it does not bring results.

In case the latter happens, it could be due to the fact that your online marketing strategy was ill-defined

In this article, we tell you a little about how to define a good content strategy.

In summary, you must state your objectives well to plan your strategy according to them and to be able to measure whether they have been met.

Stop assuming and develop your digital marketing strategy

They are all benefits and advantages.

It does not matter who you address, and what type of business you have.

If you plan your strategy well and effectively you can achieve success.

Author Bio -

The above article has been penned down by Raunak Pandey. Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.
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