Able2Extract Professional 15 – Convert, Create, Edit, OCR, and Sign PDF Documents

PDF tools have very common these days. While I have used a lot of them, somehow I have never been satisfied. One of the major reasons for the same is the lack of support for advanced operations which goes beyond simple PDF creation. Creating PDF files is very easy these days but the real problem arises when you have to perform advance operations on existing PDF files.

These advance operations can be any of the following:
  • Converting PDF documents to other formats like word, excel, PowerPoint, etc..
  • Batch converting PDF documents
  • Extracting text (OCR) from PDF documents
  • Creating, editing and filling PDF forms
  • Digitally signing PDF documents
Even I have faced issues with the above operations. There are simply not good enough tools for the same. But it doesn’t mean that there's none!

Yes, here’s one tool…I must say a complete PDF tool. Able2Extract Professional 15 is all in one complete tool for your day to day PDF operations which include printing, converting, editing, etc...

Converting PDF

As you can see from the screenshot above, the software lets you convert your PDF files into other common formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, etc.. It really helps. I tried out converting a few PDFs and results were pretty good. 

PDF Batch Convert

The software also allows you to batch convert your PDF files into your favourite document format. Say, for example, you have to convert 10 PDF files into word documents, Able2extract Professional 12 will let you convert all at once through batch conversion as seen in the screenshot above.

One another great feature I like in the software is the custom definition feature which is really useful while converting to excel. You can preselect rows and column structure before final conversion. It frees you from clutter and confusion.

Easily Edit PDF file

Edit PDF

Apart from conversions, Able2Extract also lets you edit your documents the way you want with all required annotations and text formatting. The screenshot above shows sample edit I did on a sample PDF file. Also, Able2Extract lets you securely fill in, submit or save PDF form data. You get radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, buttons and more to complete the operation.

The software enables you to delete, insert, extract, move, rotate, resize, scale pdf as per your requirement. A must needed feature for any PDF operation today.

The edits are quick and flawless though it takes a little time to understand these operations.

Swift PDF Signing

Able2Extract Professional can seamlessly create, convert and edit PDF files in a number of ways, among many other things. Well, the latest version goes even further and adds PDF signing capabilities.

PDF Digital Sign

The newly added PDF signature tool allows you to insert electronic signatures to PDF files or even apply digital certificates that can be authenticated. You can forget about printing and signing PDF documents by hand ever again.

The signing process is more or less done like in any other operation using Able2Extract Professional, a couple of clicks is all it takes. I’ve tried signing some PDFs I had on my computer, and you can see the result in the screenshot above.

As you can see, there are plenty of customization options. I like that you can create multiple signatures and use them without having to create one from scratch every single time.

Improved PDF Forms editor

Able2Extract Professional 15 is advanced enough to centre and align PDF form fields with pinpoint precision. With the new and enhanced PDF form editing tool you can add new form fields and position them exactly where you want them on your PDF forms. Whether you need to fill, edit or create a completely new PDF form, Able2Extract Professional can do it better and precisely than before.

Though I never had to do more than to fill out a PDF form, I see how this can be helpful for some people.

PDF Conversion backed with AI

It seems that AI is the word on everyone’s lips these days and it even found its way into Able2Extract Professional 15.

Individual and batch PDF to Excel conversions are now supported by an artificial intelligence engine. Meaning the extraction of PDF table data to Microsoft Excel is significantly quicker and smoother.

Basically, you create a conversion template and train it with a couple of sample PDFs to locate and extract only relevant tables from PDF documents. After you train a template, Able2Extract Professional will be capable of identifying and extracting just the tables you need. Likewise, you can use these custom templates when performing the batch conversion to match and convert each PDF in the queue with it.

All things considered, the latest version builds upon the already good foundation to create an even better PDF experience. In my eyes, Able2Extract Professional remains the go-to productivity tool for working with PDFs.

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