Dedicated Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting - Which is better?

Dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting are two important and prominent hosting services. The selection of these services should be done on various factors including access, storage, upgrade, cost-effectiveness, scaling, segmentation of resources and support. It is possible to add stringent security and compliance needs by choosing the best hosting service. If you would like to manage resources while on the go, you should go for mobile services as well.

The following aspects will influence your decision about hosting service:
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Low cost

Cloud Hosting

Apple as well as Google rely upon cloud servers to store and serve information. Multiple servers will be connected and the information is readily accessible from anywhere in the world. If one server fails, the other server will fulfill the needs of the user so that there will not be any disruption of services.

It facilitates easy data storage. Employees will be able to access information from cloud servers by using various kinds of devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

A travelling agent will be able to connect to the server and the information can be downloaded and uploaded very easily. The information received from the customer will be updated instantly. It is possible to access the same file by more than one user at the same time from multiple locations spread across the world.

In addition to storage and access, the editing of files will be done in the best possible way. Cloud services are based on pay per usage. Hence, it is financially feasible option. It is possible to overcome security concerns by having dedicated customer support and establishing strict IT controls.

Dedicated hosting

Instead of storing information in virtual environment on which no direct control can be exercised, you can go for dedicated hosting. The dedicated hosting will give you absolute freedom in the selection of hardware and software. You can buy a server or go on lease to determine the dedicated hosting.

There are number of advantages with dedicated hosting service. As there will be direct connections, the service is highly reliable. There will be full control on the data management. If you do not find sufficient space in the server, you will add additional servers very easily. The downside with dedicated hosting is that you should have expertise to manage the server. You should manage an administrator who should be well versed with all the latest technologies.

Factors of concern

Security and accessibility are two important factors which should be considered before making a choice between cloud server and dedicated server. The cost should not be the criterion for the selection of the hosting service as you cannot risk with the important data. If you are able to get the most appropriate service, you will be able to run business without any issues.

Highly sensitive data can be managed in the best possible way by opting for dedicated hosting. It is true that cloud hosting service is cheaper than dedicated hosting when you compare the price in the long run. However, it is not possible to compromise on the security aspect.

Businesses dealing with non-sensitive data (for most of the time) should go for cloud hosting as the information can be accessed very easily from any location and at any time as per your convenience.

The greatest advantage promised by cloud hosting is the scalability, redundancy and on-demand services. Small businesses can take advantage of the great services offers by cloud hosting solutions.

The performance delivered by dedicated hosting is matchless. A properly configured dedicated server will deliver solutions in the best possible way without any issues. The disk I/O will be predictable with dedicated hosting. In case of cloud hosting, the network as well as disk I/O resources are shared by many users. If there is large disk I/O request from one user, it will affect the service. It is possible to fix performance issues with cloud server. However, it will be difficult to deal with IO issues. Even though you get as much storage space as you want from a cloud hosting service, it is not possible to manage faster storage always.

A single dedicated server will deliver far superior service than a cloud server. There will be layers of complexity when you deal with cloud hosting service.If the infrastructure is simple, it can be managed very efficiently. There will be very simple hosting operations with dedicated hosting. If there is more complexity, there will be great cost.

The performance of your websites will be very high when you choose a dedicated hosting service. It is possible to upgrade the hardware very easily and you will be able to use the latest software tools as per your convenience. It is possible to scale your computing resources. However, it is not possible to scale up your applications or operations. 

But you can search the reviews of hosting provider to compare the service of different hosting service providers. There are several technical and personal user reviews to help you choose the best hosting service provider.

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