DesignEvo: Why Should You Use Online Logo Makers

Doubtlessly, the logo is vitally essential for a personal blog, website, or online business. A logo would be one of the first things viewers notice when they visit your websites. Still, designing a logo is not an easy task and you may have photoshop skills to create a perfect logo. 

Whether you're looking for an online store, starting a new website, or just looking to refresh your blogs or store, a perfect logo always plays a crucial role in creating the brand and corporate identity. 

why online logo maker

To have a logo surely not be easy if you have a minimal budget and not people who are familiar with design skills in the past. Luckily, now AI design can help every non-designer create and get the logo cheap, even free.

So what advantages of these online logo-making services.

1. They are very user-friendly.

Online logo makers are easy to use, as most of them are template-oriented or icon-based. You can control your logo projects even if you have no design skills. The editors provided there are very straightforward so that you can work effortlessly.

2. Most are free to use or freemium.

These types of logo makers are often completely free or should pay for higher resolution. But compared with other approaches, like those designed by freelancers or studios, they are affordable. For free ones, the limitation of your logo would be low resolution, no transparent background, and the file format. So these tools are very fit for individual bloggers, or just for social media profiles.

3. You can generate your logo with simple steps.

If you want your logo at a break, these tools are much faster than a designer. As most logo makers are AI-generated, as you input your brand information, then they can become generation quickly double logo samples for you to customize. Thus, all you need to do might be to select one for further modification. With this system working, you can get a logo in seconds.

4. You can edit your logo files whenever.

Actually, designers would lose their patience to edit the logo draft, and most logos would undergo a 5 draft maximum. However, you can edit your logo with these tools unlimited and whenever you want. Furthermore, even if you have downloaded your logo, you can also edit it.

5. You have full control of your logo.

Generally, these logo makers would offer a set of editors for you to customize your logo. Your logo uniqueness comes from these changes. 

Icon: the icon is a good item to express your business. For example, you may see some famous logos that may you connect with what their industry is. So if you make fair use of icons, then you are more likely to make people know what your brand is about.

Template: this is the basic layout where you start to design your logo. The key to choosing the logo template to edit is to find the one that suits your business. 

Font: most logo generators provide a font stock for you to edit. These fonts would basically include classics and art. But to be honest, art fonts would be a trap if your business does not belong to creative industries.

And then, you definitely want to find a tool to create a logo for your own, so in this post, you will learn about one of the best logo makers, DesignEvo and then review this tool.

So let’s get started to review DesignEvo?

DesignEvo – a broad set of templates for you to choose

designevo logo maker templates

  • Suitable for: designers for inspiration, newbies who have no design experience
  • Platform type: template design by yourself
  • Language support: English, Spanish, Franch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, German
  • Format support: JPG, PDF, PDF, SVG
  • Price range: Free, Basic for $24.99, Plus plan with $49.99

Main features of DesignEvo

1. Lots of design materials

There are currently tens of thousands of logo templates available on the platform. You can choose according to your own industry attributes, and you can have a large number of different Logo templates that you can apply and customize.

2. Multiple font choices

The fonts on the set are not completely unchangeable. DesignEvo provides a lot of font choices. Besides, you can edit the text with effects like curve, size, colour, etc.

3. The interface is highly intuitive

Compared to other platforms, the interface of DesignEvo is quite intuitive. When you try it for the first time, you can get started quickly. There will be no dilemma of being able to find functions. It is quite suitable for novices.

4. Customizable design

All logo elements of DesignEvo can be modified separately. The customized functions are complete, including cutting, rotating, layering, copying, undoing, redoing, etc. You can make the most suitable logo according to your ideas.

5. Provide the preview function

This is a handy feature that can put your Logo on different items for you to preview with one click, such as business cards, book covers, website logos, clothes, etc.

Then, you would be interested to know how to make logos on this platform.

How does DesignEvo work for your project?

Firstly, you should go to the DesignEvo homepage.

designevo free logo maker

Access this tool from your web browser. Its mobile app versions have also been released. So it is also possible to create a logo from an iOS/ Android smartphone or Mac system.

Okay, once you have accessed its platform, you can go to its template choosing the page to choose the logo layout. 

Secondly, Choose a business industry.

designevo choosing logo

You can choose the industry that will use your logo. Choose something close to you from areas such as fashion, technology and education.

Thirdly, Customize your logo with your creativity

designevo logo customize

Here this step is the most important step determining your logo unique. With DesignEvo, you would have major 4 aspects to personalize your logos: icon, text, shape and background. Therefore, you can replace the icon and change the icon size, colour, other effects. You can change the fonts for the text tab, but note that you should use no more than 3 fonts. You can reset the logo background if necessary.

Finally, you can preview and download the completed logo.

designevo logo maker plans

When you press the download button, a zip file containing the logo image will be saved on your computer. 

Wrapping up

Above is an introduction to the DesignEvo logo maker. If you want to make a logo for your online shop, business, or social media, please try this tool to make a logo.
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