Amazon Echo - Something Beyond a Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo is Amazon’s very own smart speaker. While you might think of it as a music system, it is much more than that. Amazon Echo is hands-free speakers that come in different models and have different features. It is a device that works on speech recognition and can be used for various purposes. Amazon has made this new age music device which you can personalise according to your needs. You can listen to world news, music, sports scores and much more with simple voice commands. You can connect Amazon echo with other Amazon devices like echo show and echo spot to make your home a smart home. When it comes to listening to music, Amazon echo supports Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many other apps. 

When you use Amazon Echo, you can listen to whatever song you want and experience a dynamic sound quality. So now you can use a smart device to listen to audiobooks, music or even a weather report. The best part about these speakers is that you get to use the Amazon assistant Alexa whenever you want. 

Alexa can be your go-to assistant when you want to make a google search, play music, or even swift off your room’s lights. Be it amazon echo, echo plus, echo dot or any other echo model, you will find Alexa peeping from these devices at you. Believe me when I say that echo is not a mere speaker because I am not lying. Here are a few features of the Echo that you can access with the help of Alexa.

Alexa can call your friend or send them messages Now you can stay in touch with your loved ones with the help of your echo device. If you have a friend, family member or a loved one who also has an Echo device then you can contact them or send them messages with the help of Alexa. Anyone in your phone’s contact list who is also an echo user and has enabled their calling feature Will automatically shows up in your contact list you can contact them anytime and even send messages. 

You can also use the dropping feature which allows you to send in a message, send a voice clip to your loved one and keep a check on them without them having to respond.

Want to order something from Amazon Prime? Alexa will do it for you. You can also use Alexa if you want to order something online from Amazon Prime. Just give the desired commands in your favour. Do not forget to use Amazon coupon code from to get a discount on your desired item.

You can use it as an intercom between places

You have more than one device in your home you can use Alexa to intercom between two rooms. This is one of the coolest features that Amazon echo gives you. So if you don't feel like going to the other room and talking to your mum then worry not as now you can communicate with her without even using your phone. just tell Alexa that you want to intercom between your echo and the one of your mom's and that's how you go.

Solve math problems and carry out quick conversions

Alexa is quicker at conversions than your brother who knows Abacus. So if you have a mathematical problem that is bothering you or a conversion that you want to quickly know about, then Alexa is the way to go. Command your Google echo to convert Dollars to Rupees or kgs to grams and you will get the answer within seconds. It is quicker and easier than you can think.

Add a skill

One of the fascinating features that Amazon echo gives you used to add skill and personalize your Amazon echo. Slikk is like an app that has audio to it you can access these skills on Amazon echo and proceed with a lot of your tasks without any problem. You can ask Alexa to wake you up, learn new things and even play games by just telling her to add a skill to your Echo device.

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