PDF Unshare Pro - Protect PDF Files From Sharing, Editing, Copying [Free Licence Giveaway]

Now users can get PDF Unshare Pro giveaway licenses to create UPDF format files to protect PDF documents from sharing, editing, copying or unauthorized viewing.

PDF Unshare Pro

Today PDFUnshare.com is thrilled to start a giveaway of the PDF Unshare Pro version, a Windows-based PDF protection shareware product that helps users protect their PDF documents from sharing, editing, copying or unauthorized viewing. The giveaway will be closed on July 15th, 2021. During the giveaway period, people could get the license key of PDF Unshare Pro from its official homepage by verifying the promotion code.

PDF is a common document exchange format people often used in their daily office work. However, the major feature of the PDF format is that PDF documents are easy to transfer and share with other people, so it is troublesome if some of these files are classified or copyright protected. Hence, PDF Creators and authors may require their PDF files not to be shared without their permission.

PDF Unshare comes to the rescue, providing methods to protect PDF files from unauthorized sharing and access.

Unlike ordinary PDF encryption software tools, PDF Unshare does not directly use passwords or permit restrictions to protect PDF files, because they can be easily removed by cracking programs. Instead, PDF Unshare uses separate encryption keys for protection, which are relayed from the PDF Unshare server to authorized devices and encrypted in key storage on the local device. The unique code of a single device will be saved by the server for verification, so the encrypted UPDF file cannot be copied and moved to other devices to open and view.

PDF Unshare Pro - PDF Encryption

PDF Unshare provides several security features and built-in restrictions to protect PDF documents. Most of the basic protection options are applied by default (restrict only 1 device access), and users can change every option to meet their requirements. All these security settings enable users to prevent PDF files from being shared with unauthorized users, control how many devices can open those files, and set the expiration date for them.

How to Activate the Giveaway

The giveaway is now available at the PDF Unshare website https://pdfunshare.com. Users only need to copy and paste the promotion code "PDF-Unshare-Promo-2021" into the "Promo Area" text box, which is located at the bottom of the page and hit the "Verify the Code" button. Then, the whole giveaway area includes the giveaway license key would display instantly.

PDF Unshare Pro Giveaway

Features of PDF Unshare
  • Protect files from being shared without permission
  • Protect files from being edited, converted, or copied
  • Disable taking screenshots while viewing a file
  • Expiration date: set the file cannot be viewed after it expires
  • Only allow the recipient of the file to view the content
  • Set watermark text and watermark colour
  • Multi-platform reader: Windows, Android, iOS
  • Data and privacy safe: do not transmit any file content-related data to the server
  • Multi-language
About PDFUnshare.com

PDFUnshare.com is a DRM company that produces high-quality content encryption and copy protection products that use digital rights management (DRM) control to protect users' intellectual documents from unauthorized use and misuse.

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