Friday, 30 July 2021

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A Handy Email Marketing Tool Sends Emails to Multiple Email Addresses in Bulk

A user-friendly and neatly organized freeware solution that enables users to send emails and newsletters to several email recipients at the same time

Many people often communicate with customers or deliver their newsletters to their readers using emails, so a specialized freeware utility that can speed up the process is bound to come in handy. 

Auto Email Sender is one such tool.


Neat and intuitive interface

The main window of Auto Email Sender is as straightforward as it can be, meaning that all the functions and features are easy to understand and use.

Users can start by entering their own email address, password, email server address and port, and then enter the list of target email recipients. They can either type them one by one in the "Send To" list, or paste contacts from a previously created file.

Auto Email Sender can also count how many emails addresses users added to the list quickly, thus helping them make sure they have not accidentally skipped anyone. They can also automatically delete any duplicate email recipients.

Supports both HTML and text content types

When it comes to the content of the email, users can paste the text, and then select the content type they prefer, be it HTML or plain text. If they go for the latter, they can preview the email display result in a new tab in their default web browser.

Moreover, users can attach one or more files to the email, by only clicking the "Attach Files" button.

If users are not completely confident in their email configuration, there is a brilliant function that offers them the possibility to send a single testing email to the first destination email recipient in the email address list. This way, they can double-check the outcome Email result before sending it to all of the added email contacts.

Features of Auto Email Sender

  • Simple looks and easy to use.
  • Allow changing the delivery interval and speed.
  • Both plain text and HTML content formats are supported.
  • Support adding more than one attachment.
  • One-by-one delivery, simulating manual sending to each contact.
  • Anti-spam: use standard SMTP protocol to send an email.
  • Failure log window: Save all email contacts that failed to deliver, so that users can correct them and send them again.
  • Remove duplicate email contacts in one click, ensuring that each email recipient is sent only once.
  • Support SSL connection to the email server.
  • No limit on email contacts quantity in the list.
  • Error log window: record reason and server responses of email sending failures.
  • 100% free, tiny size, portable and malware clean.


All in all, Auto Email Sender makes it easy and comfortable for people to send numerous emails in one go, even if they are not an expert when it comes to PC. They only need to enter the information of their own email box, then set up the list of target contacts and enter the actual email subject and content, and then they are good to go.

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Sunday, 4 July 2021

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Top 8 Internet Service Provider (ISP) In the World of Networking

Internet service providers from all over the world do their best to deliver the top speed. But the main issue is that every country has its own high and low set up for networking. Even some countries can only run internet computer networking at 10 Mbps. When selecting the best internet service then there are many popular names that come to minds such as AT&T, Google and many more.

But it can happen that they are not accessible in your country. Gigabyte internet approach is not enough even if it will charge you five times higher than a fixed internet approach. Following are the top 8 ISPs in the world of networking.

top 8 internet service provider world


Suddenlink Corporation is a service provider and their internet speed is about 1 GB/sec. This speed is too much faster than average DSL internet. It can offer download speed up to 1000 Mbps and the speed of uploading can reach up to 50 Mbps. Simply it means that you can download a full 4K movie within few seconds or any massive file without stopping at a certain point.

Sonic offers remarkable internet service. It provides great internet speed in many areas of the world. They are coming with a plan of Gigabit Fiber plan that only cost about 35 pounds. Users can avail themselves of a magnificent speed for downloading that is 1000 Mbps and unloading speed that is 100 Mbps. This speed is more than 100 times as compared to today’s internet speed. Within a few seconds, you can download a 4K quality movie and all other massive files within milliseconds.

Zen Internet

Zen is one of the most reliable and fastest internet service providers. There is a colossal amount of people that are high gratified with Zen’s Internet protocol services. Zen gives undoubtedly a high profile speed that’s why everyone approaches it in the UK. Furthermore, many people believe that it conveys such an outstanding service that looks like a premium service within a reasonable price range.

Zen Internet provides a long range of selections for broadband. It can be basic which is ADSL2+ or the highest peak of services which FTTP. Without any disbelief, Zen gives undisputed satisfaction to its clients.

EE Broadband

In 2021 EE has already won three Highly Recognized Awards. Most of the users like the speed of its connection and are highly rated by this service provider. It has great reliability of internet without slowing down at any time. This year, it has a score of 88% for customer approval. They are considered as one of the costly service providers, but no doubt their performance is always ahead of their price rate.

Moreover, now they also provide the facility of an ultrafast fibre package which makes it more valuable. On the whole, Plusnet is inexpensive and also good according to our review, but the value of the EE brand is still at its highest place.

Sky Broadband

Sky doesn't overwhelm with respect to rates or energy for cash. Yet its organizations aren't essentially pretty much as exorbitant as Zen Internet. But it is anything that has customer support, as shown as a Highly Commended in this class of service providers. Sky also did well in the reliability class, notwithstanding the way that its results for Speed and Value for Money were a little off the speed. Sky has now introduced free at whatever point calls with a few its packs.

Sky's display figures are moreover commonly brilliant, both for its ADSL2+ organizations and its faster fibre decisions. That justifies contemplating, as Sky's Ultrafast 145Mbits/sec help is conceivably the most viably sensible around. EE Plusnet really has the advantage over Sky across most places but unquestionably Sky has its own worth and demand.


AT&T is another popular brand of Internet services that offers Internet up to 1 GB/s on a network of fibre optic. There are thousands of people who only attach themselves to AT&T because of its great services. It assists the users through its rapid. Gigapower high-speed can allow you to download high-quality movies within 20 seconds. There are more than 18 million people who have connected themselves through it.
Xfinity From Comcast

Now we go ahead of 1 Gigabit. Xfinity is a great provider of the internet. It is a favourite for many people around the world. A well-known name as Comcast multinational telecommunication offers internet broadband facility from Xfinity. It can easily overturn the level of speed and delivers up to 2 Gbps Internet. You can download one 4K movie within 12 seconds and a high-class video game of 15 GB in just 1 minute. It is one of the most welcoming Internet providers in the world.

BT Broadband

As the utmost client of the Open reach organization, it's not really amazing that BT exploits its most state of the art innovations. Creating a decent alternative on the off chance that you live in a space with G.Fast or Full Fiber advancements accessible. With jumps of between 145Mbits/sec and 900Mbits/sec, you have a very sizable amount of execution for web-based games. BT has likewise scaled down a portion of the costs of its straight 36Mbits/sec to 67Mbits/sec fibre associations, making them more serious.

BT has likewise raised its games with regard to unwavering quality and consumer loyalty. Its outcomes for client care were still less than ideal in our study, however, BT fared better in Ofcom's latest survey. With everything taken into account, BT is going the correct way, and unquestionably worth considering.


Internet is the most vital requirement of today’s world. You can’t even take one step without the help of the Internet. There are several brands that are providing the best services in the world of networking. Each one of them has its own characteristics and features.

Moreover, every service provider has different prices on their different amenities. Every place in the world likes numerous service brands. Therefore, in this discussion several top-rated Internet service providers have been stated along with their different qualities.
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