Auto Close Online Meeting Programs with AutoLeaveMeeting Software

Corona has led to more home offices and that has led to more online meetings. You have the meeting window open, then Excel and a tool for notes. In the end, you seem to be the last one in the meeting because you forgot to close the window. The Windows freeware AutoLeaveMeeting prevents this bad impression.

It doesn't look good if you are still displayed as the last one after a home office meeting. It always looks a bit like you were inattentive and not there at the end. To avoid the impression that you skipped the meeting, there is now the tool AutoLeaveMeeting, which automatically drags you out of a meeting when it is over.

AutoLeaveMeeting is a freeware tool on Windows. The program basically does nothing else than monitor the sound output on the computer and then close a pre-selected program window when there is no sound for a while.


In usual meetings there are rarely pauses in the conversation that lasts longer than 5 - 10 seconds: someone always says something. In AutoLeaveMeeting settings you can set a silence time between 5 and 600 seconds, after which a certain process will be closed automatically.

auto close online meeting

As soon as no sound is monitored, the countdown starts. This will be interrupted when there is a signal at the sound output again. When the meeting is over, everyone has said "goodbye" and it is quiet, the tool would close the meeting window. The user might be the last one to quit, but would only be the one hanging alone in the chat for a while.

How to use AutoLeaveMeeting?

1 - Open the meeting program and look at its "title".

2 - Then start AutoLeaveMeeting.

3 - In the list of processes, select the one that clearly belongs to the meeting window. Browsers start lots of processes, but only one has the name of your meeting (like "Google Meet") - click on it.

4 - Now, at the top, enter how long the window must be silent to close. The default is 10 seconds, and from experience, that's a reasonable amount of time.

5 - Finally click on "Start" at the bottom.

Now the Windows sound is monitored and when the system is quiet for the preset time, the meeting window closes.

Note: You can't listen to music or watch a movie at the same time or else AutoLeaveMeeting would monitor the sound from those too - but you shouldn't do that in a meeting anyway.

All in all, AutoLeaveMeeting is a safety application that protects users' privacy by signing out of any online meeting, no matter the platform, even if they forget to do it. Use the time interval to ensure everybody had finished talking, and after the silence settles, the countdown starts. Also, the app is intuitive and very easy to get around, which is a great plus for casual or non-technical users.


File size: 1.4 MB (portable ZIP version is 650KB)
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or later
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