Help! My E-mail Account Got Hacked


Just when you are about to check your email suddenly, it happens. You cannot access it anymore. You try to put in your password correctly or even remember if you have changed it in the last few days but the result is still the same. You have been blocked from accessing your email. Now, fear sinks in as all of your important details are inside your email. You scramble for help but no one can help you but yourself.

This is just what every person who has experienced getting hacked. There are a lot of ways that people get hacked. One of which is through ads created on websites and another is More >

Online Payment Services Provider


When it comes to buying online, it is definitely fast and easy to do. With just a click of your mouse or a tap on your smart phone, you can be on the online and shop ’till you drop. Almost everyone has already tried to buy things they want and need on the Internet, since there are plenty of online shopping sites available. Even in social networking sites, there are people setting up their online business there so that their friends can also see it immediately.

These online shopping sites became a hit not because people are tired of going outside and go around the mall shopping. It is because More >

10 Free Apps For Travelers Who Work Offline


In this article you will find ten apps that you may use offline. Some are more offline-user friendly than others. Still, if you are able to download and use them online before you travel, then most of them allow you to save information that may be used later whilst you are traveling. Each one is free, but most of them have upgrades you can purchase if you wish (still, the basic program is free for all).

1. City Maps2Go

This is a free iOS app you can use if you have no Internet connection. It is a mapping app that allows you to save massive maps to your mobile device. It has over seven More >

How Telephone Answering Services Improve Customer Service


Can’t you just imagine a customer rolling their eyes and sighing when they call a business and an automated response picks up? It puts them in a bad mood or makes it even worse if they were calling to complain about a product or service. You don’t want to be that business. A telephone answering service with a live person on the other end gives customers a much better impression of your company.

Make a Good First Impression

Small businesses often cannot afford to hire full-time receptionists or customer service agents and end up handing the calls off to full-time staff as part of their jobs. More >

The Best Apps For Teaching Kids


Teachers who aren’t afraid of technology are teachers who will make learning fun, effective and dynamic especially for children who love using technology and novel things. The classroom is a much brighter place with a bit of technology. There is nothing wrong with a good old book but you can’t beat the introduction of new and different teaching techniques. Using apps may well be frowned upon in the classroom, but bringing them into the classroom for teaching may well serve to change the face of learning altogether. Here are some of the best apps with an explanation of how teachers can use More >

The Positive Side of Using an E-payment Gateway


The advent of online business brought into existence payment gateways which is actually a server designed to link website and banks in order to facilitate online credit card transactions. Online payments are made in many different ways like PayPal and EFT transactions but majority payments are made through payment gateways as they directly connect bank and the website and allow payments in real time.

How does it function

E-Payment gateways create a secure integral link between the merchant site and the bank. The card details of the customer are submitted to the website where the payment More >

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