Choose Number, Play and Win Exciting Offers With Think Unthinkable App


A mobile game for all ages. Just press, play and win exciting prizes!! Yes, Think Unthinkable is one of the latest additions to the evergrowing list of android games on the google play store. Think Unthinkable is a number game where you make choices to get lucky. In other words, the game lets you choose a random number from 0 to 9 and you keep advancing to higher levels on the basis of your choice. Unlucky people are out in the first or the final rounds. The game comes with total two rounds. People choosing same numbers are mostly out in the first round. The second round also follows the same More >

Controlling and Minimizing Data Usage in Smartphone


Keeping track of data usage in Smartphone is an important thing for any subscriber. Do you know how much data you use in a month? Android phones are averaging about 583 megabytes of data usage in a month according to 2011 statistics from Nielson. Most of this usage is blamed on applications with some being considered extremely dangerous when it comes to data usage. Most carriers have limited data usage in a month or with an individual bubble plan. This limits the pre-paid users but leaves most post-paid users with shocking bills, especially if their plans are limited.

Data usage can be tested More >

Content Marketing Ideas That Work For Your Business


Content is an important component of online marketing and it proved to be very useful then and now.

If you have a business, you need to make content marketing a part of your strategies. It has been said countless times that content is king and you can stay in command of your marketing efforts by disseminating valuable information through your content.

Content marketing has a meticulous process that involves planning, development, and measurement. It may not be a simple process but you should never continue with marketing without it.

Social media has made way for information to be shared in More >

Help! My E-mail Account Got Hacked


Just when you are about to check your email suddenly, it happens. You cannot access it anymore. You try to put in your password correctly or even remember if you have changed it in the last few days but the result is still the same. You have been blocked from accessing your email. Now, fear sinks in as all of your important details are inside your email. You scramble for help but no one can help you but yourself.

This is just what every person who has experienced getting hacked. There are a lot of ways that people get hacked. One of which is through ads created on websites and another is More >

Online Payment Services Provider


When it comes to buying online, it is definitely fast and easy to do. With just a click of your mouse or a tap on your smart phone, you can be on the online and shop ’till you drop. Almost everyone has already tried to buy things they want and need on the Internet, since there are plenty of online shopping sites available. Even in social networking sites, there are people setting up their online business there so that their friends can also see it immediately.

These online shopping sites became a hit not because people are tired of going outside and go around the mall shopping. It is because More >

10 Free Apps For Travelers Who Work Offline


In this article you will find ten apps that you may use offline. Some are more offline-user friendly than others. Still, if you are able to download and use them online before you travel, then most of them allow you to save information that may be used later whilst you are traveling. Each one is free, but most of them have upgrades you can purchase if you wish (still, the basic program is free for all).

1. City Maps2Go

This is a free iOS app you can use if you have no Internet connection. It is a mapping app that allows you to save massive maps to your mobile device. It has over seven More >

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