Mobile Tools That Improve Social Media Marketing

The past few years have seen the emergence and establishment of social media as a marketing tool. But there’s another trend catching up with it, and that’s mobile. Have you ever considered merging the two – that is, using the mobile for social media marketing?

Firstly, why choose mobile for social media marketing? Look around, and you will observe almost every single person with a mobile phone in their hand. And These people come to form your target audience. Also, the reason why new devices are entering the market so rapidly is that the number of mobile phone users is increasing every day.

However, irrespective of the device, there exist lucrative tools, which can help you effectively reach your prospective customers and engage with them.

If you’re still sitting on the fence wondering if mobile is the right way to go for your business, read on to learn more about how it can boost your sales graphs.

Mobile tools social media marketing

Mogreet Express – The SMS/video messaging ping

You may have received several texts from several brands regarding their discount sales, product launches or current offers. Most industry giants allot at least ¾thof their mobile marketing budget to text messaging. The best feature about the texting market is that its reach is guaranteed.

A text is sure to reach a device. 97% of these device owners do read an SMS within 15 minutes of its arrival. Response within 1 hour is received from 84%, according to Nielsen Mobile.

What Morgreet Express does is that it helps you build a customer database of those people who want to receive updates from you. Next, you can readily create an SMS. With visual clips leading to deeper engagement levels, Morgreet also allows you to create video messaging campaigns. You can share your campaign with your customer base in a few simple steps.

Firstly, from the marketing calendar, pick up a date and time for your message. Next, choose whether you want to send a text message(SMS) or a video message (MMS).

Getting Started

  1. Create a keyword (make it short and relevant) that would suit your campaign perfectly. For example, your keyword for your FASHION brand can be FASH.
  2. Now Mogreet Express will pair this keyword with a shared shortcode. The shortcode will mostly appear in numerical.
  3. You will now be guided through to set up the response customers receive when they decide to opt-in.
  4. Use your keyword and shortcode to promote your campaign on social media sites.

Glyder – A pick for the small business

If your business is a start-up or fairly small as of today, Glyder is a good pick to get going with buzzing social media marketing. Sharing content and images is crucial. Content must be shared to convey updated information about your brand.

Images are not only informative but also quickly grab the attention of your prospective customers. Remember the adage, a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, this holds especially true with regards to your mobile customers. Convey more information about your business with the right image and get people to notice your brand with ease.

But, what if you aren’t sure what exactly you want to share? When you’re starting out, this sure can be a challenge. But that’s when a tool like Glyder comes to your rescue.

Getting started

  • Get on the phone when you want to share a message.
  • Glyderprovides you with templates. Select one (its colours could match those of your brand)
  • Embed the message that you want to.
  • Post this to a social networking platform.

LogMyCalls- Measure your returns

LogMyCalls gives you access to track every call made by your mobile advertising and helps you ascertain where your marketing stands. This will tell you which of your campaigns have led people to call your business, and which ones need improvement or elimination.

It also indicates which of the media platforms are proving beneficial for your business. You can use this tool to identify the most effective platforms for your business and focus on building up these strengths to garner more attention for your brand.

Getting started

  1. Use your phone number to convert it into a tracked number by calling your business.
  2. Associate your number with a certain marketing tactic. For instance, let’s take it as Facebook PPC.
  3. Set up the DNI. If a person clicks from a Facebook PPC ad, a new phone number will be generated on your landing page. Your tool will track, which of the online marketing tacts produced this particular phone call.
  4. You can also obtain a report, which mentions statistics- date, time, call volume, duration, etc...

Mention – To know if you are mentioned

Mention is another tool, which has tracking capabilities. It helps you monitor the mention of your brand name or keywords. Get to know who’s talking about your brand, and how much discussion your brand is generating among your mobile consumers easily with the help of Mention.

Getting Started

  1. Keep a track of your keywords. With regard to the ones that receive maximum mentions, you know that they are working well for you. The less mentioned ones need to be relevantly spiced up.
  2. You can choose if you wish to receive an update about your mention on your personal email.
  3. Once you have received an update, respond to them. This will help you build brand loyalty.

The efficiency of mobile tools can further be enhanced by coupling them with tools like Google Alerts, Talkwalker and Socialmention. Mobile tools not only enable your brand to communicate quickly but also enable your target market to respond quickly to your business. This two-way engagement works in favour of your sales.

What’s more, this target audience of yours is always accessible via mobile. Unlike computers, which people access intermittently throughout the day, the humble mobile phone is always with them – all through the day, every single day. No other medium provides 24/7 access to your customers the way mobile phones do.

So it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get onto your phones! That’s where your audience is all the time and they’re waiting to hear from their favourite brands!
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