7 Reason Why You Must Be A Freelance Programmer

Programming is an Art, and certainly, it is, for it transforms the creative idea into a rational manifestation. A true programmer, like an artist or a writer, believes in the liberty of thinking, which gradually begets the way to innovation and perfection. The efficacy of programmer sprouts whenever the sense of freedom ignites his thoughts and the underlying sense of comfort sores at its height.

become freelance programmer

In this programming world, where big or small companies hire young programmers to work on various projects have their company policies and restrictions. Many programmers, especially those whose minds adhere to the ‘liberty of ideas and its eventual implementation’ often finds it difficult to keep pace with the working environment.

Gradually, their unproductiveness invites periodic criticism from peers and higher authorities, and soon frustration creeps up their spines. As a result, many programmers look for an alternative to celebrate their passion and also make money out of it. Freelancing is the perfect alternative for every programmer. 

Here are the 7 top reasons why you must choose Freelancing for a better tomorrow.

1. If you are a Freelance Programmer, you are the king of your castle, for you will decide what Operating System and Hardware Configuration would bolster your needs. It is you who shall decide what programming language is required to learn to develop a web application or commercial software and also what Integrated Development Platform (IDE) should be used to execute codes. Furthermore, you have the full authority to talk to the clients, understand their need, and then organize a plan to start writing codes to present a unique output.

2. Unlike forming a company that calls for investments and legal matters, Freelance Programming is far more comfortable, for it requires only a computer, a broadband connection, and some other tech-accessories of your choice. Moreover, you don’t have to take the headache of paying employees and controlling maintenance budget as you are on your own in delivering a project.

3. A Freelance Programmer also has the advantage of earning the whole money given by a client to work on a project. It means as you are a lone wolf, whatever you hunt, all are yours. In case, you contact another Freelance Programmer for performing a particular task then also you are earning the lion share of money given for the project.

4. More exclusively, being a Freelance Programmer, you can experiment, you can think freely and strive to establish something distinct than others. Furthermore, you have the right to work anytime and anywhere, which means that even if you start writing codes while sipping a coffee at a cafeteria, there would be no one to raise voice on you. Thus, time management and project management is at your convenience.

5. If you are a Freelance Programmer, you can also find big-time to upgrade your knowledge on the programming languages you are using and also learn others, whatever would render efficacy and enhance your productivity of service. For example, if you acquainted with python programming, you can upgrade yourself with the latest version of python, and also check up the various frameworks of python used in Web Development.

6. Being a Freelance Programmer is luxury, as there is no place like home. Whenever you feel that you’ve had it enough, then you could entertain yourself by jumping into social media sites or watch movies on Youtube. Besides, you may turn on the music to lift your mood while writing codes.

7. Lastly, you can choose what kind of projects you are comfortable with or in a broader sense; what kind of projects your expertise could handle. Be it be developing an E-Commerce Website project or a Database Software project, you have the option to choose or target the best.

As we explore the modern limelight of career & profession, we would stand wide-eyed at the number of youths interested in the field of programming. The number of programmers today would rather laugh at what was there in the past decade, for survey reports reckoned the number to have magnified around forty times what was found before.

The fascination and the celebration of computers in movies and books periodically influenced the youth to take the art of programming as a passion, and see themselves as a tech-geek who would dominate the ocean of technology, and establish something extraordinary.

We could certainly say that application of core programming to be an integral part of software development, web development, and mobile app development to name a few, and these are the sectors of profession where a programmer longs to gain industrial experience.

These are also the sectors where a programmer acquires efficiency in practical oriented approach to programming, and gradually becomes smart tech-dynamite. They know what programming language is relevant in what field, how code should be executed, and more precisely they know what should be done to impress their fellow clients. A programmer looks for gratitude, if not from the client but from the project he has toiled for days.
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