5 Important Tools of Collaboration That Could Benefit Small Businesses

Businesses can be operated from any corner of the world without any extra cost by using the latest collaboration tools. Smaller businesses operating on shoestring budgets have been the biggest beneficiaries of this technological advancement. Several communication and collaboration tools have been designed and developed to cater to the communication needs of smaller businesses. We will have a quick look at the five collaborative tools that are gaining popularity among small businesses.

business collaboration tools


It is an extremely popular communication and collaboration tool that wipes out geographical boundaries by facilitating easy collaboration. ClickMeeting establishes a connection between two or more individuals and business associates almost instantly, irrespective of their individual location. Thus the individuals or business associates can interact with each other life, in real-time, and efficiently. This ensures smooth coordination and sharing of files on a real-time basis. The integrated video conferencing feature enables users to interact with multiple people and share screens. Participants can even use search engines like Google for translating the meetings held in real-time.


This tool is mainly used for collating business activities with the concept of social media marketing. The tool not only helps in having access to the B2B social management, but it also provides the businesses with the ability to gauge and evaluate the extent of the success achieved. Oktopost takes the concept of social media branding as well as marketing to the next level.


Asana is effective project management software designed to facilitate seamless business collaboration. The software helps in assigning various types of tasks and setting long and short-term goals for the marketing and sales teams. The software helps to get rid of sending and receiving emails, thereby making the communication even faster and more seamless.

Google Drive

A popular tool from Google is basically designed to share files and documents, videos, and various other types of items. Startups and small-scale businesses are going to benefit a lot from the use of this Google product. The tools help work in real-time and also offers the option of uploading video and audio files, and help share them in an easier and more effortless way.


This enables small businesses to use any private social network to collaborate on a variety of business activities. The smaller businesses are often found wanting in terms of seamlessness compared to their more seasoned and experienced market players. It helps various business associates and stakeholders to establish connections and collaborate effectively. This reduces time and money to a considerable extent. The chatting feature along with the option of setting up projects and defining timelines offers better task management. It also helps the various facets of a business under the same roof thereby improving the quality of management.

The appropriate collaborative tools will provide an edge to your small business when it comes to competing with the larger businesses in the market.
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