Flexclip - A Service That Makes it Easy to Edit Videos Online

Have you ever made a video? 

YouTube, wedding, work, etc...

You may have the opportunity to make videos for various purposes even if you are not a professional editor. Speaking of video editing, you may think about After Effects, a confusing operation on a messy screen. Since it is software for the main business, it is a tool that is too difficult for beginners. If you've ever thought about editing a video, you probably have no experience. 

Here comes a piece of super good news for beginners who want to easily make videos even if they are not as good as a video editor. 

We will introduce FlexClip video maker that allows you to edit videos on the web easily!

What is Flexclip?

flexclip online video maker

Flexclip is a video editing software. It sounds complicated at the time of "video editing", but FlexClip is a tool that runs on the Chrome browser and does not need to be installed. 

What is Flexclip? 

A service that even beginners who are not familiar with video editing can easily create good-looking videos. FlexClip is one of the best tools to make great videos for YouTube, Facebook and your favorite social networks.

If you also want to launch yourself on YouTube and are looking for a program that allows you to make great-looking videos, FlexClip is definitely one of the best solutions I've found.

FlexClip Features

flexclip software features

The following points are listed as the main features of Flexclip :
  1. Easy to operate. Easy to understand!
  2. You can try it for free and without registration!
  3. It works crisply even in the cloud type!
  4. Rich animation elements for online-based platforms and easy-to-use dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos and more.
  5. Millions of royalty-free media resources. Super rich templates
  6. The number of video templates that can be used in various scenes is amazing! Moreover, the quality is high!
  7. A comprehensive and powerful video editing tool for cropping video and music, adjusting images, changing aspect ratios, or adding effects, narration, and watermarks
  8. Built-in screen / webcam recorder. It has a function to record the screen using a camera with the Free Screen Recorder. It works well with a web browser.
  9. Even if you don't have any knowledge of video production, you can make high-quality videos just by changing the characters on the template and additional materials.

Who Should Try FlexClip?

who should use flexclip

It doesn't have the fine-grained settings of Premiere Pro, but it has more than enough features. I think that it can be recommended for video beginners and YouTubers who do not do advanced editing. I think that the online base mentioned in No. 1 is the most important feature of Flexclip. It is also recommended for nomad workers and people using multiple PCs.
  • People who don't make elaborate videos
  • People who want to make short videos for social networks
  • People who want to make home clips
  • Fledgling YouTubers
  • People who want to make with templates easily
  • Those who are looking for free music material
  • People who want to edit videos on Chromebook
  • People who want to edit the same video on multiple PCs anytime, anywhere

FlexClip Plan

flexclip software plan

There are the above 4 plans. You can select the plan that suits your needs. Since it can be used on a monthly basis, the service can be terminated as soon as it is no longer needed. It is very convenient when you want to use it for a short time. The free version is really a trial version, and the basic plan is not enough.

If you want to pay, we definitely recommend a Plus plan or higher.

We recommend that you use the free plan as a "trial" to see what functions you can use. It is too restrictive because it has a FlexClip intro and the library (media source) that can be used is limited to one per video. A free plan is OK in the sense of trying out the functions, but at least a basic plan if you want to make a good call including uploading to YouTube or Vimeo.

However, these days, FHD (1980x1080pixel) size videos are commonplace for teaching materials, and we recommend the Plus Plan labeled "Popular" for this purpose. I highly recommend the business plan that I also use for those who want to make videos hard, use long time ones (within 30 minutes MAX) and want to maximize the quality. In addition, it is a monthly/annual subscription contract,and I think that you may have a preference for this, but it can be said that the advantage of the subscription is that you can always use the latest features and added media sources abundantly.


That's all about FlexClip. If you have the following concerns, "I want to be a YouTuber! But I don't really understand video editing!" "Wedding movies are expensive, so I want to make my own!" You can use it for small video production at work, a movie for a wedding, a YouTube clip, etc. Knowledge and skill are required to make videos with After Effects. With FlexClip, even beginners can make good videos with zero experience. In a word, Flexclip makes it easy for beginners to make videos. Please give it a try. It should be surprisingly useful.

Here is a sample video created at Flexclip.com

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