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Recently I had switched from to

Feedburner as you all must be knowing is a web based feed management service that provides custom RSS feeds and management tools for bloggers, podcasters and other web-based content.
The service can be checked out here - was quite popular among bloggers who had found it immensely useful in gaining subscribers and thus readers for their blog.

The thing which had impressed me the most about feedburner was the ability to export all your email feed subscribers to a file which then could be used for email marketing initiatives. You could use your feed subscribers list for guest post pitching, product/service information...and for any other purpose you may like as long as the content resonates with your readers.

Now in April 2021, Google had announced that they would migrate feedburner to new infrastructure but remove "non-core" functionality including email subscriptions, browser-friendly viewing, and password-protection.

So, it actually meant that feedburner will no longer be the same. The essential features are being clipped off which could definitely be a matter of concern for the users of the same. 

I was no exception and so I had to look for the alternative. 

This is where I came to know about is another feature rich feed management system like feedburner. Infact it offers more than what you get from feedburner.

Below are the salient features of

  • Increase traffic on your blog
  • Easily get new subscribers for your blog
  • Add feed subscription form on your blog
  • Add beautiful pop-ups to get more subscribers for your blog
  • Define filters to receive the type of news you are interested in
  • Select your preferred delivery channel from multiple channels
  • Easily import your subscribers list from another source like feedburner
define filters
Use predefined filters

delivery channel
Choose your preferred delivery channel

Plus there are lot of more features for the paid users.

Check it all out today @

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  1. This is an awesome service that is mentioned in the content. It will help many website owner to bring visitor in the website.

    1. Digital marketing is Great Career option ever nowdays !

  2. Can you clarify how does this increase the website traffic,does it create links to website,or users read content and then go to website or awareness of website build using these services ?

  3. very nice work. it helps bloggers to traffic.

  4. Thanks For Sharing Its Really Helpful

  5. Thanks for sharing this. It is useful

  6. Amazing blog! I am an MBA student doing

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