Powerful PDF Page Editing Tool Reorder Pages of Multiple PDFs and Import Word Docs into PDF

With the rapid development of the world, users often create and organize a huge number of PDF files in their daily work. More and more people notice that they often require managing and adjusting lots of pages of PDF files, or insert some pages from one PDF document into another. Most PDF editing applications are usually hard to use and overwhelm beginner users, especially if they just need to reorder certain pages in the PDF file or mix the content of some PDF documents. PDF Mixer comes to offer a variety of ways for inserting and re-arranging PDF pages.

Unlike other PDF utilities, PDF Mixer is a free PDF page organizer program that can rearrange and mix pages of 2 or more PDF files, and add new pages to existing PDF documents then save them to a new PDF file.

pdf page organizer

PDF mixer also enables people to clone, rotate, remove, switch and combine PDF pages in multiple PDF documents easily. In addition, this powerful tool can insert blank pages and image files, scan new pages from the scanner to PDF, and import Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents into existing PDF files.

PDF Mixer aims to quickly and effortlessly rearrange, mix or create pages in PDF documents for both beginners and advanced users.

Features and Highlights

Mix and Organize PDF Pages

Users may find frequently having to manage and adjust some PDF pages, or insert pages from one PDF document to another. PDF Mixer can aim you to mix the contents of 2 or more PDF files, select pages from PDF files and insert them into an existing PDF. Users can also open several PDF files and add all the pages into the page list, reorder them and then export to a new PDF doc. PDF Mixer has a few useful page sequence managing options such as page dragging, bulk pages moving up and down, 2-page position switching, orientation rotating and so on.

Add WORD, Excel & PowerPoint Pages into PDF

Reordering pages of PDF files only may not be enough for users who work with many document formats every day. In addition to PDF format, PDF Mixer also offers import buttons for most of the popular document formats to import contents from MS WORD Doc, Excel XLS/XLSX Workbooks, PowerPoint PPTX/PPT Slides and more open file formats. Simply click on the corresponding button and choose a file, and PDF Mixer will import all pages from the file into the page list instantly. Then, users can rearrange all pages from different document formats in the list and save them to a new PDF.

Create Blank Pages, Clone Pages and Insert Pages from Images

Adding blank pages is a useful function when you need a few blank pages behind your content pages. You can use PDF Mixer to add multiple blank pages as many as you want. Also, you can clone PDF pages by hitting the “Make a Copy” button. If you’d like to import an image file as a new PDF page, simply hit the “Import an Image” button to choose a picture file and insert it. The program supports adding multi-page TIFF/TIF files and convert each TIFF page to a PDF page automatically. When you want to add pages from a scanner, you can click on the “Import from the Scanner” button to start scanning pages from the scanner.

Create PDF from Other Formats

If you don't have existing PDF files to rearrange and just want to create PDF files from other file formats, it won't be an issue. PDF Mixer enables you to create pages from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, Rich Text and image formats even you have not opened a PDF document in PDF Mixer. After importing you will see all the pages have been converted to PDF pages from those formats. 3 Steps: Open PDF Mixer, import a file, and then save to a new PDF. Done!
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