A New Freeware Tool Quickly Force Deletes Files and Folders: ForceDelete

A new handy and powerful freeware utility that helps users quickly unlock files in use and delete or even shred them.

Today AutoClose releases the new tiny file tool ForceDelete V1.0, which unlocks and deletes files or folders that are in use by other processes and cannot be deleted. GUI mode and command-line batch mode are both available. Users can also use ForceDelete via context menu shortcuts. This powerful tool is able to shred files to permanently delete files and folders. Besides, ForceDelete has an option that allows users to delete locked files and folders without terminating the processes.

force delete file tool

Like people surely already know, they cannot delete a file that is currently open in a program. This means that if said a program has crashed or is currently unresponsive, they have to wait for it to work again or to forcibly kill its process from the Task Manager, then delete the document in question. Alternatively, ForceDelete is a better choice and designed exactly for solving these issues.

Neat but Powerful File Delete Tool

The GUI of ForceDelete is straightforward and highly intuitive, and users can simply drag and drop the documents and folders they want to delete onto the main window. Besides automatically deleting files in question, ForceDelete can also kill processes that blocked files in the first place (it comes in handy especially if they are facing a hard time closing off involved applications).

Moreover, if people want to make sure that no one can do the recovery for a certain file, they can enable the Shred Files option and they can rest assured that all the file data is erased completely and out of reach for everyone, no matter the restore tool they could be using.

Context Menu Feature

The best thing about ForceDelete is that it allows automatically adding to the context menu of all files users want to delete. In other words, they don't have to manually open its main window whenever they require unlocking or simply removing a file - instead, they just need to right-click files and select the feature they need.

Features List

  • Force Delete Folders and Files
  • Unlock Files are in Use by Other Processes
  • Delete Files without Terminating Other Programs
  • Delete Files via Context Menu Shortcuts
  • File Shred Feature
  • Command Line Mode is Available
  • Portable Version is Available
  • File Size is 800 KB
  • Adware Clean


Download ForceDelete: https://autoclose.net/forcedelete.html
Operation Systems: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 or later & Server (64/32 bit)
File Size: 800 KB
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