AnyWebP - Convert WebP to JPG, PNG and ICO Image Format in Bulk

Ever came across a situation where you had to deal with WebP images?
Ever tried to preview WebP images but had no success?
Ever felt like converting any image into WebP format?
Ever felt like batch converting all your existing images into WebP format?

If "Yes" then today I am here to let you know about a software program that makes WebP images management a total breeze!


AnyWebP is a useful little program that can be used to manage all your WebP related image conversions. With just one click you can easily convert any WebP image into other popular image formats like JPG / PNG / ICO. And if you want to convert any or all your existing images into WebP image format, you can do that also.

Cool...Isn't it?

Why WebP images?

Well, WebP image format was announced by Google in 2010. The idea was to provide the same quality as any other jpg image file but with much better performance and compression efficiency. WebP images are thus 25-35% smaller in file size in comparison to the typical JPEG image. This is the single most biggest reason why WebP images are so popular amongst modern day web designers. And moreover, WebP images are supported by most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc...

But in spite of all the positives, WebP images have one major issue. There is no native application to open these files on a Windows PC. Windows image viewer doesn't support such images. Images cannot be previewed or edited directly in the system. Sharing is also limited because of the lack of widespread adoption.

Just imagine if you have hundreds of such WebP images on your PC for sharing!!!

You would definitely need some advanced tools to deal with those images. 

And this is where AnyWebP stands out!

AnyWebP can batch convert all your WebP images to other image formats which you can then easily edit in your favourite photo editing software and then share it to whomsoever you want to. The converted images can easily be opened with native image viewer programs.

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