AI PNG Enlarger - Enlarge Images with Deep Learning AI and Preserve Transparency without Losing Quality

AI PNG Enlarger is a freeware Windows image software tool that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) deep learning image enlargement algorithm to enlarge PNG and JPG images without losing quality. Unlike common image enlargement algorithms and tools that blur and mosaic the enlarged image, it can enlarge the image very clearly. AI PNG Enlarger also preserves the transparency of PNGs and enables designers to easily apply PNG images to various other designs.

AI PNG Enlarger

AI PNG Enlarger has 2 different image enlargement algorithms. One is optimized for designs such as icons, logos, cartoons and animates; the other is optimized for photos such as landscape photos and various pictures. Users can change the option easily according to their requirements.

This brilliant tool supports both PNG and JPG formats and allows users to enlarge images from 4X to 16X. AI PNG Enlarger is running on the local computer completely, so users can enlarge their images in bulk and no need to worry about privacy.

  • Deep Learning AI Image Enlargement Algorithm
  • Enlarge Images from 4x up to 16x
  • Enlarge and Upscale Images without Losing Quality
  • Sharp and Clear Image Enlarging
  • Preserve PNG Transparency
  • Support Both PNG and JPG Formats
  • Design Algorithm Optimized for Icon/Logo/Cartoon and more Designs
  • Photo Algorithm Optimized for Landscape Photos and Pictures
  • Image Secondary Sharpening Available
  • Enlarge Images in Bulk
  • Freeware, No Limits
  • Multilingual
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