10 Tips to Generate Leads For Your Online Business

Leads are the building block for any business. It is near impossible for any business to grow if it doesn't get enough leads. To ensure a regular supply of leads, businesses need to have a robust lead generation system. Though such a system may not be feasible for all online businesses, still there are several easy ways to accomplish lead generation goals which can be high value and low investment.

lead generation tips

Here in this write-up today I am going to discuss all such lead generation tips and techniques. Most of these tips are pretty easy to follow for any online business. These tips are based on my previous experiences where I had worked in a lead generation role for a few online businesses in the education and finance sectors. Apart from my personal experiences, I have also listed some of the tips after carefully researching the same online from reputed sources.

I am sure you will find it useful.

So, here you go!

Add CTA in Email Signature

Well, it cannot get simpler than this. All you need to do is to add a Call to Action in your email signature. This Call to Action can be a link to your business landing page or any other page of interest. People can simply click on the link and visit your page without being forced to do so. A really good idea!

Integrate Live Chat Bots

Live chat integration has always been my favourite method of lead generation. It really works wonderfully well in most cases. Now with AI all around us, live chats are getting free from human intervention and thus getting more intelligent and efficient in customer service. A definitely good way to generate leads for your business. 

Here's one example of  live chat bot

Add Hello Bar

Hello Bar is another outstanding tool that can boost lead generation goals for any online business. The tool lets you create beautifully designed customized popups for your site. It's super easy to use and comes with an advanced targeting option to let you generate quality leads. 

Check it out here - hellobar

Exit-intent Pop-ups

This technique though known to most of us is still underused. The exit-intent technique is a clever little technique to add visitors to your funnel and thus generate leads for your business. Instead of frustrating users with ill-timed pop-ups, the idea is to showcase pop-ups at the last moment i.e; when a user is about to exit/leave the web page. Using such exit-intent pop-ups, businesses can definitely see a rise in leads.

You can create exit-intent pop-ups using pop-up creating services like poptin, etc.


We all know that LinkedIn is a powerful professional social networking platform. It is a place where all businesses want to be as it lets them perform various activities related to business requirements including branding, hiring,  etc... With so many businesses out there, it becomes an ideal place for lead generation. 

There are various ways to accomplish the same. Some of the ways are:

  • Status updates
  • Article posting
  • Joining groups
  • Adding connections
In article posting, you can simply re-purpose your blogs and publish the same.


Quora requires no introduction. It is perhaps the biggest repository of questions and answers discussion on the internet. Though not exactly a social network but it is a place buzzing with conversations. Someone running an online business can definitely initiate a conversation by posting relevant questions to the audience and can also contribute by posting relevant answers to the questions asked by others.

And now with features like Spaces, it has become a much more effective and powerful place for branding and lead generation.

You should definitely check it out!!

Pre-Launch Offers and Discounts

As a business, you must be readying with product/service launches. You want it to be as successful as possible with the launch being appreciated by your audience and in turn churning out necessary leads. To make it more effective in terms of lead generation, it is recommended that pre-launch offers and discounts are provided so as to increase engagement and add more and more people to your sales funnel. 

It is a known fact that discounts and offers work wonders in terms of building customers for your business. 

Definitely not to be ignored by any means!


Can anything be as effective as blogging? 

Of course not!

Personally, I am yet to find anything better than the same. The best thing about blogging is that there is always a scope for something fresh as opposed to stale information. Someone running an online business should definitely take advantage of blogging for branding and lead generation. 

This can be accomplished by publishing quality content and following it up with a prominent CTA. The quality content should fit well in terms of SEO so as to gain maximum traction from the web for your business keywords.

Blogging thus is a super powerful technique for lead generation if done well..!

Video Marketing

Video publishing has become a rage these days. Platforms like Facebook and Youtube are buzzing with the same. And so, it's high time for businesses to pay attention to the same and churn out videos on a consistent basis to support their business goals. 

Youtube especially can be highly effective for marketing initiatives as per my personal experience. All you need to know is to create effective videos and optimise them for the organic search. Lots of resources are available for the same on the web. Just google search.

Apart from Youtube, platforms like Vimeo, and Dailymotion can also serve your purpose. You should check it out.

Also, you should try to produce more and more live videos to increase engagement and thus boost your lead generation efforts.

Free Consultation

People love anything offered for FREE!!

And this is where you should hit hard at least in the initial phase of your customer journey. One best way to accomplish the same is to offer a free consultation. Prior to a free consultation, businesses can get all essential details submitted including email, phone, etc.. which can definitely be categorized under Leads. 

The leads can later be nurtured into your sales cycle before they are finally converted into paid customers. 

Free Consultation can be offered via your website, mobile app, etc... 

All you need is to add a free consultation CTA linked to a signup form where all required details will be submitted by the user before the free consultation.

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