RecordCast - Free Online Screen Recording and Video Editing Software

Screen recording applications have grown in huge numbers today. Most of these applications are getting popular among those into video making and related activities. These screen recording programs help you to capture your live screen/windows or custom region as per your need and then you have the option to export these captures as edited videos which are then available for sharing on various places like websites, social media sites like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc...

RecordCast - Online Screen Recording

Now, if you are looking to record your screen without using any standalone screen recording software then you should check out - RecordCast.

RecordCast is a web-based versatile screen recording software that can help you record screens, create and edit videos as per your need. The online screen recording program comes with a host of features to make your screen recording easy and fast.

Listed below are the salient features of the RecordCast -


When it comes to simplicity, RecordCast stands on the top of the list of screen recording programs. The program requires no additional software or plugin to run. Just start recording your screen in a few clicks.

Multiple Recording Modes

RecordCast - Screen Recording Modes

This is another great feature that allows you to capture your screen in 3 available modes:

a. Screen Only Mode
b. Webcam Only Mode
c. Screen + Webcam Mode

I guess it is all self-explanatory. You can record your screen the way you like for maximum impact.

Video Editing Capabilities

RecordCast - Video Editing

RecordCast not only helps to capture your screen but also lets you edit your video captures with the built-in video editor. You can use the built-in video editor to trim recordings, add text effects, overlays, dynamic elements, music or adjust background colours, etc...


Each and every video you create is never uploaded to a server or disclosed to a third party. All videos are edited locally including both recorded and normal video files.

Well, these are some of the top advantages of using Recordcast. This online screen recording software lets you record almost anything on your PC screen including zoom meeting, a video call or a webinar, a lecture as an attendee and then share the same with your team members. You can easily teach or demonstrate anything to your clients. Ideally, the software is best suited for creating e-course for the students and training videos for the employees.

Plus you can also record gameplay highlights. 

Amazing...isn't it?
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