PDF Text Deleter - Delete Text from PDF Documents in Bulk

Many times, people discover that some PDF documents contain incorrect content that needs to be deleted or sensitive text that shouldn't be visible in their everyday job. Since PDF is essentially a printed document format, erasing these incorrect or sensitive texts from each individual PDF document might be exceedingly time-consuming and difficult.

pdf text delete
With the help of the Windows PDF tool PDF Text Deleter, users can quickly and effortlessly remove all text from multiple PDF files. In addition to allowing users to specify multiple texts or words to be removed at once for multiple PDFs to perform double batch text deletion, PDF Text Deleter also allows users to set multiple texts or words to be removed from numerous PDF files in bulk. The page range option allows users to erase the text on a certain number of pages.

Users of PDF Text Deleter have the option of setting the number of spaces to be added to the empty space left by the removed text in addition to the standard text deletion option.

  • Delete Text in Multiple PDFs
  • Delete Multiple Texts at Once
  • Permanently Delete PDF Text
  • Keep the Original PDF Layout
  • Support Protected PDFs
  • Customize Page Range
  • Match Case Option
  • Fill Blanks in Spaces


File size: 52 MB
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 or later.
Homepage: https://www.pdferaser.net/pdf-text-deleter.html
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